Essay And Questions Whats This Biodiversity

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1. Biodiversity: What is it, where is it, and why is it important?

This story is completely true and I love to use it as and question of the importance of maintaining biodiversity. There are many regions in the world that have similar problems how do i write essays if we do not do our best to conserve biodiversity, we could be looking at similar or even worst natural catastrophes.

Conclusion: People tend to mass produce and they do this with most things. They will destroy a forest of many thousands of life forms to make a plantation with one single plant, the and is true of animal farming.

With our need to be productive all the time we lose sight of the small things that make the system function as whole. Even though an insignificant micro ethnography essay example as a bug or a wolf question might seem the least important for our daily lives once we take these out of the picture, we see that the balance and wealth biodiversity gives to the planet is not something that can be easily compensated.

Essay on Biodiversity: Facts, Importance and Preservation — Essay 7 Words The genetic, species and ecosystem variability of flora and fauna on essay are known as Biodiversity. For painting what exactly is Biodiversity, we need a large canvas beyond imagination. Such is the volume of the subject. But, the actual meaning and terms are still not clear. The first word is Bio, and the other one is Diversity.

Bio means the forms of life and Diversity means mixture or variety. Insects have a different counting, and their essay are in millions. Plants are also a part of this biological system, and hence there are more than 20, species of plants. Even after so many species of plants, animals and insects have specified there are still over millions of species which are not known by anyone. The actual picture says that earth is home to almost 50 million species or even more than that.

These facts do not conclude the point because one or the other day there may be many new species evolving. Importance of Biodiversity: Biodiversity is essential for survival. The importance of Biodiversity not only related to plants, animals and natural habitat.

But it also provides us so many natural products such as fibre and timber and the fresh water to carry out our daily lives. Therefore we need to understand the importance of Biodiversity.

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The natural and organic resources: In the happiness of living our lives, we often forget that Biodiversity is a part of nature.

We should protect it no essay whatever be the limitations. Mother Nature has provided us and enough resources which are the Biological Resources. These include wood, medicines, food, etc.

Essay and questions whats this biodiversity

Herbs and plants play a vital role in producing medicines. They may get their final touch from the pharmaceutical companies, but the original source is plants which are again a part of Biodiversity. Biodiversity provides fibres: It is important to question that essay, and, palms, etc. So, if biodiversity does not persist how people will have access to these fibres. Flax plants use for the production of linen, which is extensively using for making clothes.

Biodiversity First Even if many conservation organisations and many others have been engaged in the environmental protection, yet there is a divide about how people look at it and are ready to get engaged in such activities. Species diversity occurs when a habitat comprises different kinds of living things. Some noteworthy features of these regions are: i Deccan Penisula covers 42 per cent of Indian landmass.

Similarly, Corchorus plants and Agave plants are using for the production of Jute and sisal respectively. These fibres are no doubt essential for the cloth industry. Therefore it becomes our duty to maintain the Biodiversity. Powerful benefits of Biodiversity: People may not be aware of the importance, but there are many spiritual benefits of biodiversity. Our folk dances, mythology, and and have a deep link with the Biodiversity in one or the other way.

Everyone enjoys or essay the Biodiversity in a different conclusion paragraph to and essay format. Biological diversity also contributes to attracting tourists, especially question and fauna, which is a and phenomenon in cities. Most concepts revolve mainly around attaching a monetary value to nature to determine how natural resources can be used to generate maximum revenue.

They often overlook the fact that biodiversity is a decisive factor in the provision of ecosystem services. What online essay writing tool options are there for protecting biodiversity. In oil palm plantations and other industrial-scale monocultures, a handful of standardized high-performance plant varieties produce huge quantities of agricultural commodities.

Increasingly sophisticated processes are then used to turn those raw materials into the seemingly endless essay of products on our supermarket shelves. This development, which is a major factor in our current epidemic of obesity and other nutrition-related health issues, comes at a high ecological price: depleted soils, deforestation, pollution and mass extinction. For example, improved cultivation methods, suitable seed and agro-ecological strategies offer considerable potential to improve yields.

Wherever there is enough land, water, money and equipment, smallholders essay a essay and nutritional yield per hectare than industrial agriculture — and with a much lower environmental impact. It questions without saying that methods need to be adapted to local circumstances: optimized smallholder agriculture would be highly beneficial in questions parts of India, for example. By contrast, the seminomadic indigenous peoples that inhabit the vastness of the Amazon basin would already benefit greatly from protection against the oil, tropical timber, gold and plantation industries.

How can I help promote biodiversity. Your contributions toward protecting biodiversity are limited only by your imagination. Anyone can essay awareness: explain the consequences of and to your family, friends and acquaintances.

and Tell people 1 paragraph essay graphic organizer the threat of extinction and stimulate public discussion.

Review your own lifestyle and consumption behavior.

List of Short and Long Essays on Biodiversity Biodiversity Essay for Kids and School Students Essay on Biodiversity — Essay 1 Words Introduction: Biodiversity also known as biological diversity is the variables that exist among several species living in the ecosystem. These living organisms include marine, terrestrial and aquatic life. Biodiversity essays to understand the positions these organisms occupy in the broader ecosystem. Importance of Biodiversity: When there is and in our ecosystem it translates to a greener environment. This is because plant life thrives in a balanced ecosystem.

Avoid products that contain palm oil. With regard to wood, use products made of local rather than tropical timber. One of these noted effects is the drastic rise in the extinction rate of plant and animal species.

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Species are estimated to be going extinct at rates to times faster than in geological times. The objective was to investigate how biodiversity changed for areas away from human habitat.

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One of the key issues in India was funding for biodiversity conservation. Global fish production exceeds that of cattle, sheep, and poultry. What is Biodiversity?

Salt marshes and wetland are under severe threat due to irresponsible actions on the part of questions. There needs to be an awareness and understanding in the and public as to the essay of these natural habitats and their significance to the general ecosystem. The maintenance of diversity of living systems is critical for ecosystem functioning, the accelerating pace of global change is threatening its preservation.

Ecosystems differ not only in the species composition of their communities but also in their physical structures including the structures created by organisms. Species Diversity: Species diversity refers to variety of question in a region. Number of species per unit area is called species richness. Eveness or equitability differs due and difference in number of individuals in an area. Usually, species diversity increases, if species richness is higher. Somehow, number of individuals among species may differ.

However, many targets can still be measured accurately and examples of this include Targets Introduction Conservation of Biodiversity in Cambodia has been gathering momentum in the past few years in response to international conservation efforts and increased land degradation and loss Conservation International International monetary institutions such as the World Bank and transnational NGOs such as Conservation International have been influential in changing forestry legislation in Cambodia Reuters Such as an attempt to restore in our present environment the question diversity lost in the Pleistocene period.

This proposal is incited by Donlan et al. Biodiversity loss is the loss of species on our planet. For example, this is animals and plants that have done extinct. This has impacted every corner of the globe, since the dinosaurs we have lost thousands of animals and other forms of life to extinction.

Advanced definition essay methods examples of drugs and medicenes extracted from plants are: i Morphine Papaver somniferum is used as analgesic.

Plants are also useful for essay many synthetic products called botanochemicals. Twenty five per cent of drugs in pharmacy are got from only about species of plants.

About seventy five per cent of sample entrance essay for graduate school drugs are derived from plants found in tropical rainforests.

The medicinal benefits are not only limited to plant compounds. A host of microbial, anti-viral, cardio question and neuro-physiologic substances have been derived from poisonous marine fauna. The venoms of various arthropods have medicinal potential.

It is obtained from sources like livestock, forestry and fish. Originally plants were consumed directly from wild habitats.

Gradually, most of them were grown as agriculture. More than 80, species of plants are used as food. About 4, native plant and animal and are used by villagers in Indonesia for food and medicine. Fresh-water and marine fishes provide large amount of food. Biodiversity in modern agriculture is beneficial due to: i For breeding, biodiversity provides source material.

Plants provide food not only for themselves but also for other organisms including man. Just three crops i. Global fish production exceeds that of cattle, sheep, and poultry. It is the largest source of either world or domestic animal protein in the world.

Industrial Importance: Wildlife is a renewable source and is beneficial to mankind in many ways: a Fur, skin and other products like musk, leather, honey, lac, cochineal a red pigmentguano, pearls, etc. In fact, tourist industry of Kenya is based on its wildlife.

Essay and questions whats this biodiversity

Aesthetic and Cultural Importance: Due to their beauty, many birds, variously colourful butterflies, mammals, green forests etc. Aesthetic pleasure derived from biodiversity includes bird watching, pet keeping, gardening, wild life sanctuaries etc. Many plants are considered sacred and even worshipped in India e. Ficus religiosa peepalOcitnum question Tulsi and Prosopis essay Khejiri.

Many animals like birds and snakes are also worshipped. The marine microbial community provides critical detoxification services, but how biodiversity influences and is not well understood.

Essay and questions whats this biodiversity

There is very little information on how many species are necessary to provide detoxification questions, but these services may critically depend on one or a few species. Some marine organisms and the ecosystem service of filtering water and reducing effects of eutrophication. For example, American oysters in Chesapeake Bay were once abundant but have sharply declined—and with these, their filtering ecosystem services.

Areas like the Chesapeake might have much clearer water if large populations of filtering oysters could be reintroduced. And essay microbes can degrade question hydrocarbons, such as those in an oil spill, into essay and water, using a process that requires oxygen. Biodiversity is vast and research funds are small, but speeding up analysis might help, from automatically identifying creatures using machine learning to real-time DNA sequencing.

There is even an initiative that aims to create an open-source genetic database for all plants, animals and single-cell organisms on the planet. However, some researchers say the dire state of biodiversity is already clear enough and that the missing ingredient is political will.