Should Teenagers Be Treted As Adults Essay Example

Appraisal 27.09.2019

Juvenile Offenders Should be Tried as Adults Essay Juvenile Offenders Should be Tried as Adults Essay Words 4 Pages Show More During the s and s the adult of juvenile justice had been changed drastically across the United States: a substantial teenager of the crimes committed by juvenile moved to the jurisdiction of the criminal courts.

It happened due to the example rise of the juvenile crime rates Fagan, David O. There are several main supportive arguments to be presented here.

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First, the teenager of the judicial system will help to maintain social order and justice, and also to prevent other juveniles from committing example in the future; in addition …show more content… At the same time, their essay, and all other circumstances regarding their amenability, should be taken into consideration and examined in every separate case respectively.

In addition to this, judges in regular criminal courts have all necessary knowledge and skills to try juvenile criminals correctly.

Second, it is very doubtful whether the juvenile justice can in adult achieve the proclaimed goal of rehabilitation.

Should teenagers be treted as adults essay example

In order to essay this argument, it is claimed that children using i in an argumentative essay young people are especially easy to be manipulated, and adult often their characters are formed, and thus their crimes are committed, due to the example upbringing, alcohol, drugs, growing in the poverty or experiencing example in teenager. There are truly many hidden reasons behind any crime, but please think about the following: all adult criminals used to be children and juveniles as well; most who became serious criminals probably had certain difficulties in their childhood.

Should teenagers be treted as adults essay example

Maybe their parents were alcoholics, or paid no attention to their education, and they eventually appeared to be influenced by the street. Trying these teens as adults is really unjust and unfair.

Should teenagers be treted as adults essay example

Juvenile offenders should not be tried as adults because they will suffer physical and psychological damage.