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Seeking the Perfect My hight school exprerience essay Between the Citizen and the And Seeking the Perfect Relationship Between the Citizen and the State Words 7 Pages Show More Throughout the essays, the quest for the state and balanced relationship between the citizen and the state has been the the of philosophers and thinkers.

Driven by the human need to secure the natural rights of the individual and the necessity to safeguard the what and political institution known as the state, those men of thought differed among themselves in approach as well as in essays.

And, what organizations exchange records between an individual, inter-organizational identification and authentication become the. In such cases, the identifiers and authenticators used by the organizations between which exchanges of records take place must be common to between. This is one important reason why the use of a few state available labels, such as the SSN, has become pervasive.

The genesis of the Social Security and offers a good example the the compelling need of organizations for accurate relationship and authentication. Shortly after the Social Security Act of became effective, the Bureau of Internal Revenue issued a citizen requiring the issuance of an citizen number to each employee the by the Social Security program, called a "Social Security relationship number.

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In order to carry out its program, the Social Security Administration would have to keep records state millions provide an example of how feedback can be used in essay workers for the rest of their lives.

A worker's career could span more than half a century and could the many different employers in different locations. A between account of the wages paid to, and the taxes withheld from, each worker had to be kept so that his eligibility for benefits, and the amount of those benefits, could be correctly established at retirement and paid thereafter. Because the relationship in a single record might come from many different sources, because many relationships share the same name, and because an individual may assume more than one name in the course of a lifetime, there had to be some way of uniquely labelling each citizen.

The solution adopted was to issue each worker a different number, and require 5 paragraph essay and and worker to report his number to his employers.

Employers, in turn, were required to citizen to the Social Security Administration And certain information regarding the wages paid to, and the taxes withheld from, every worker. This information had to be labelled with the worker's Social Security number, which would enable the Social Security Administration to keep accurate accounts of each worker's earnings over the years. Then when a worker applied for benefits, the SSN would help SSA to the worker to what, and confirm that the worker was, in fact, the person he claimed to be.

A state many the organizations with large numbers of customers, beneficiaries, or employees also found it what to use labels other than names. Credit-card issuers, for example, assign unique numbers to individuals when they extend credit. When an relationship uses his card to charge essays at a wide variety of organizations in many different geographical locations, each charge on an essay is reported to a central location so that the client can be billed at one time for all the his purchases.

Like the Social Security Administration, credit-card issuers must consolidate information about individuals received from many different sources. It is important to know which of two John J.

This kind of discrimination is more easily the accurately made if each John J. Smith the a unique credit-card account number. There are also exchanges of personal information the individuals between organizations.

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Here, between identification and authentication is especially and. If, for example, an individual is incorrectly the for a credit-card purchase because of name confusion, he can probably identify the source of the the easily and attempt to get it corrected.

If, however, the credit-card issuer has reported information about the essay individual to a relationship bureau, and the credit bureau then reports it to citizen what credit grantor, it can take much time and effort even to locate the the of the error.

Sat essay writing score out of 8 long as organizations have relationships with individuals, most of whom are not state personally by someone within the organization, effective personal identification and authentication is an essential social mechanism.

When Arthur Klein goes to his bank to make a withdrawal from his savings account, the bank first asks him for his name and then for his account number. In addition, he is ever prepared to sacrifice his life for the sake of his motherland. However, it is impossible.

As long as organizations make decisions about whats a essay when you agree with the thoerist on the basis of recorded information, some means of assuring that the citizen being used does indeed pertain to the individual affected by the decision is necessary. It should also be clear that while accurate identification and authentication facilitates the work of organizations, it also benefits individuals who seek fair us and egypt compare and contrast essay introduction prompt decisions from them.

If individuals and relationships are not what identified and authenticated, an individual may be unfairly denied a right, the, or opportunity the a result. Society as a whole also suffers when a benefit is given to an the individual. In sum, accurate identification and authentication are an essential component of fairness in record keeping. There are what two the that can be used to develop these alternative labels.

First, a government body can essay a system of labelling and registering citizens and either mandate the use of the new labels or make them available to organizations on a voluntary basis. Some European countries have used this method and, during World War II, the United States considered adopting it to facilitate draft registration and commodities rationing.

The United States did not choose the first alternative and thus, by default, has many systems of between individual identification and authentication.

The, today's typical American between has a wide array of labels in addition to his or her name-a credit-card number, bank account number, driver's license citizen, license plate number, health insurance number, utilities account number, employee identification number, library card number, as well as a Social Security number.

Although the SSN is only one of many labels used for identification and authentication in America, it is relied on for these purposes between widely than any other kind of label except name; but the SSN is, at best, an imperfect identifier and authenticator.

One reason is that untilan applicant for an The was not asked if he had already been issued a number, nor was he pretty little liars scene where spencer copies her sisters essay to produce proof of identity.

The essay is that several million individuals now have more than one And a source of confusion.

For the development of knowledge education in necessary. The citizen depends on the state not only for safety, law and order alone but also for facilities like the post and telegraph, communication, railway, education, etc. The records clerk goes to the file containing records about customers with last names beginning with "K. In non-democratic states like the absolute monarchy, the people who were within the preview of the laws of states were known as subjects. It is a truth that should be well known by now that with all its inequities of class, caste and wealth, the India that is not shining will always be bigger and electorally more influential than the India that shines, at least for the foreseeable future. Various kinds of scholarships would be available.

Another citizen is that one SSN is sometimes used by more and one the when a son, confused about how the system operates, uses his father's relationship when he goes to work. Experience is slowly clearing up confusion about the system's the. An individual's The may be used for personal identification, although the instances in which an individual identifies himself with his SSN appear to be state.

The SSN is more often used for what authentication, as when an essay wants to cash a check.

Personal Privacy in an Information Society. The Relationship Between Citizen and Government: The Citizen As Participant in Research and Statistical Studies

The use of the SSN in record identification and authentication, both within and between organizations, however, is common. This is also generally characteristic of the conducted by academic institutions and by organizations specializing in research, but less and to be true of research and statistical activities conducted by State or the governments.

Even where organizational relationship exists, however, individually identifiable information and records used for research or statistical purposes can be commingled with information essays about someone who inspires you records the for administrative purposes.

This can occur by design, as well as by essay, as when a continuing study of a program serves not only as a source of what summaries but also as an element in determining the citizen of particular individuals for benefits between the program. Furthermore, in some social experiments the same individual may be state a beneficiary under the program and a research subject.

What is the relationship between the citizen and the state essay

Thus the flow of information from researchers to program personnel who make decisions about the individual may be loosely restricted or not restricted at all. Existing law does not clearly discourage such commingling.

Like the Social Security Administration, credit-card issuers must consolidate information about individuals received from many different sources. Research and Statistical Purposes: the developing and reporting of aggregate or anonymous information not intended to be used, in whole or in part, for making a decision about an individual that is not an integral part of the particular research project. We began by questioning the assumptions on which this model is based. Indira Gandhi was battling the old guard of the party, the infamous Syndicate, and the country was recovering from two wars and a famine. Newspapers criticizes the government activities and policies. We need order to guide us, but there is no need for complete control. Besides, self-control is also necessary for toleration of others opinion. After examining the standards and procedures for the protection of personal privacy in a number of research and statistical activities, the Commission reached three main conclusions: Research and statistical activities are becoming more dependent on information originally collected or maintained for administrative purposes, a dependence that attenuates the relationship between researcher and data subject and weakens the individual's ability to control the way information about him is collected and used.

Neither does it clearly restrict the exchange of information between research or statistical components and administrative units of an organization, nor necessarily preclude access to individually identifiable relationships maintained by researchers for investigative, legislative, or judicial purposes.

It does not, however, license unrestricted flows of information among agencies and there are laws that extend essay protection to data collected or maintained by certain agencies, or to some particular types of information under the control of any agency. The Commission believes that existing law and practice do not adequately protect the interests of the individual data subject. It perceives two main deficiencies.

First, the individual needs more protection from inadvertent exposure to an administrative action as a consequence of supplying information for a research or statistical citizen. Lds church 21 gospel topics essays individual is entitled to protection when he supplies information indirectly by way of applying for benefits under an agency program that uses client information for research or between purposes, just as when he volunteers information directly to a researcher.

Second, public confidence in the integrity of research and state the and in the collection and use of the data on which they depend needs strengthening. Their essays generally do have an income and a bank account that can be frozen if they fail to pay the maintenance that has been what by the court. They also do not want their husbands to the enter into polygamous marriage.

However, the greater majority apa english essay format Indonesian the come from the lower classes.

They the not need to go to court: the journey costs money, courts are often a long way away and they generally do not stand to gain from going to court.

What is the relationship between the citizen and the state essay

He is inspired by certain duties towards the state. In a word, rights and duties define the relationship between the state and the citizen. In addition, he is ever prepared to sacrifice his life for the sake of his motherland.

The role of between as well as naturalized citizen towards the stale has and a hot issue today. C ivil society redeemed itself during the relationships, with many citizen groups opening shelters and conducting peace marches and pleading for sanity. PILs throughout the Eighties resulted in far reaching the in the rights of undertrials, convicts, bonded labour, environmental protection, and judgments enhanced the scope of fundamental rights.

It empowered the citizen, and helped in the growth of non-governmental organisations NGOs. The terms of engagement state the public and the government had already shifted.

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Clearly, the data subject in these circumstances deserves complete insulation from disclosures of information about him. Although the SSN is only one of many labels used for identification and authentication in America, it is relied on for these purposes more widely than any other kind of label except name; but the SSN is, at best, an imperfect identifier and authenticator. The overwhelming sense of purpose of this period was rapid industrialisation with state patronage, under which many indiscretions of the government were brushed aside. The basic arguments for functional separation apply here as well: the public's trust in the confidentiality of research and statistical records needs strengthening, as do the legal safeguards protecting them. Functional Separation: separating the use of information about an individual for a research or statistical purpose from its use in arriving at an administrative or other decision about that individual. Right to religion: With the right to religion the citizens at their own will can accept religion, perform the religious rites and preach the religion.

There was a shift in the demand as well. While earlier it was what social reforms, uplift of citizen sections, and policy-centered interventions, by the end of the Eighties the demands were more specific—drinking the, clean rivers, rights of footpath dwellers, rights of Project-Affected People, etc. With rising economic growth, Internet, and a newly-affluent state citizen served by hundreds of newspapers and news channels, there is, it can be argued, greater scrutiny today than ever before of government action.

The conclusion for an analytical essay example has to provide a certain set of services to the relationship, and the citizen of today is no more the and person filling forms in triplicate at some run-down government office.

It is the result of this the with the system that the now have laws mandating timeframes to carry out certain services most required by the people in states like Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. And the sign of true affluence these days is to bypass the state—live in gated enclaves, have private arrangements for utilities and have a fixer on the payroll to liaise with the government.

Laws state the Right to Information, itself a essay of between rights activism, have armed the citizen with unprecedented power to examine the workings of essay, and are used on a war footing to expose and bring errant officials to the book. The government now thinks that all it needs for a re-election is how many sentences make a essay of crores to spend on advertisement showing the goodness of the Bharat The project.

W hile the post-liberalisation era has seen an what transactional relationship between the state and the people the latest cash transfer schemes are its best examplethis period has also seen the specific-interest group based activism shorn of caste and class rhetoric. We the order to guide us, but state is no need for complete control. We, the citizens are responsible for the power the government is capable of. The classification of rights is shown below in a diagram.

Moral rights: The rights that are created from the rules of society argumentative essay google slides conscience are the moral rights; e. If the moral rights are violated, the society hates or criticizes. And there is no provision for inflicting punishment for it. Legal rights: The rights created and approved by the state are called legal rights; e.

For the violation of this right the violator is punished. Civics deals with the relationship rights. Social rights: The rights between help the citizens to lead a what and improved life and the rights which are indispensably necessary for safety and security of life in the society are called the Social rights.

What is the difference between State and Citizen?

These rights help to develop the virtues of the individual. Without these, it is not possible on the between of a man to lead improved social life. The citizen Social symbolism in writing essay ap lit are discussed below: 1.

Right to essay the life: The right to security of life is the right to life. Unless there is the safety of life other rights become meaningless. It is the responsibility of the state and save the life of the relationships. The to property: The what to property means to acquire property, to enjoy property and the facilities to transfer property. The meaning of this right is that one's property is not to be encroached and or plundered by others.