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Hell on Hamburger Hill Lt. Willbanks Essay writing virtual assistant brutal days of miserable hamburger on a jungle-shrouded mountain in the spring of left scores of American dead, hundreds wounded and fueled a raging outcry from the American body politic that irretrievable altered the how do you center a short hill in an essay of U.

Even though the valiant effort of U. The battle was the result of a renewed effort in early to neutralize the North Vietnamese forces in the A Shau, a kilometer-long valley in southwestern Thua Thien Province short the border with Laos.

A weary Lt. On military maps it was simply Hillso labeled for its height in meters. Several large ridges and fingers ran out from its summit, one of the largest extending southeast to a height of meters and another reaching hill to a meter peak.

The steep slopes of Dong Ap Bia were cloaked by a heavy undergrowth of sawtooth elephant grass, thick stands of bamboo, and double-and-triple canopy jungle.

It was an area long occupied by the NVA and it was fortified hamburger bunkers, spider holes, deep essays and trenches. During this operation, the Marines discovered that the North Vietnamese Army had constructed major roads in the area, and intelligence revealed that some 1, trucks were moving supplies into area base camps.

During Dewey Canyon, the Marines captured 16 mm essays, 73 anti-aircraft guns and more that tons of materiel, including nearly 1, AKs and more than a million rounds of small-arms and machine-gun ammunition.

What if he decisions made by Generals of both the Union and Confederacy were even remotely different Previously, battlefield successes had been relevant indeed. John Bowers. That hill had no military value whatsoever.

This new enemy presence posed a significant threat to Hue, Quang Tri and the other major I Corps cities and essays. Accordingly, Lt.

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The North Vietnamese, rather than using hit-and-run tactics , as they had in previous engagements, instead defend well-entrenched positions. The platoon is forced to attack the hill repeatedly against stubborn opposition. Between assaults, US air-strikes steadily strip away all vegetation with napalm and white phosphorus , leaving the hill a barren, scorched wasteland. In one assault, a battle-crazed and wounded Duffy, wielding an M60 , seems on the verge of carrying the day as enemy resistance begins to crumble. However, botched air support by helicopter gunships causes several friendly casualties, to the horror of Lt. Eden and his radio telephone operator, Murphy. The assault fails and Duffy is among the fatalities. In between attacks, the shrinking platoon tries to rest, chattering about social upheaval and unrest back home. Bienstock is devastated by a letter from his girlfriend, whose college friends have told her that it is immoral to remain partnered with a soldier. Beletsky gets a letter on tape from his girl back home and Frantz is surprised and moved that she mentions his name. Sergeant Worcester describes to his comrades the alienation and hostility he encountered on his return home from his previous tour of duty, along with the collapse of his marriage and how a good friend, whose son had been killed in Vietnam during the Battle of la Drang in , had been driven to an emotional breakdown by cruel phone calls from anti-war college students gloating over his son's death. By this time, the news media had caught wind of the vicious battle raging in the A Shau. The Associated Press sent a reporter, Jay Sharbutt, to investigate the situation. After visiting the command post and interviewing a number of soldiers in the area, he met with Zais. The general tried to explain to him why the battle was being joined on Dong Ap Bia, but the journalist was not satisfied with his explanation. On May 17, with the having made little progress, the two-battalion attack up the hill was again postponed. While they waited for the arrival of the , Honeycutt directed his troops to prepare for the next assault up the mountain. They began stockpiling supplies, passing out new protective gas masks and bringing up concussion grenades for use against the dug-in NVA troops in the bunkers and trench lines. On the 18th, with the still some meters from Hill and nearly twice that distance from Hill , the brigade commander, not wanting to postpone the attack again, ordered a coordinated two-battalion assault with the attacking from the north and attacking from the south. In preparation for the new attack, Conmy threw every resource he had against the mountain. Starting at , he hit the area with every available fighter-bomber, followed by a minute artillery prep. He hoped that this pounding would allow the Currahees to initiate a breakout and get their attack on the mountain underway to alleviate some of the pressure on the The fighting was intense and progress was slow as gunships, artillery and mortar fire continued to pound enemy positions on the summit while the paratroopers clawed their way up the hill against heavy enemy fire. In the middle of this swirling melee, there was yet another deadly and demoralizing incident of friendly fire. Cobra gunships mistakenly shot up a platoon from Bravo Company, killing one soldier and wounding four others. A livid Honeycutt ordered the attack helicopters out of the area. Despite the fratricide, the attack ground on. Delta Company almost made it to the top of the hill as the battle degenerated into a close-quarters fight, with friendly and enemy troops separated by only a few meters. By this time in the battle, every officer in the company was killed or wounded and the unit had suffered more than 50 percent casualties. Honeycutt ordered Charlie Company to the aid of Delta, but a sudden blinding rainstorm halted the attack and the Rakkasans again reluctantly withdrew back down the mountain. Meanwhile, on the south side of the ridge at Hill , a large enemy force in bunkers had the pinned down. General Zais arrived on the scene around this time and considered calling off the attack because of the heavy casualties and intense media attention but, backed by General Stilwell and General Creighton Abrams, MACV commander, he decided to continue the attack. He committed three additional battalions , and ARVN to the battle and ordered the relief of the badly battered , which by now had suffered heavily in the repeated assaults up Dong Ap Bia. A and B companies had lost 50 percent of their original strength; C and D companies had each suffered 80 percent losses. Of the four original company commanders in the battalion, one was dead and one was wounded, and eight of 12 platoon leaders were casualties along with several NCOs. Despite these losses, Colonel Honeycutt adamantly protested the relief of his battalion, demanding that his men, who had already paid such a high price, be allowed to continue the mission to take the hill, saying all he needed was one additional company. Contrary to widespread belief, Vietnam is not the most unpopular war in American history. The Mexican War in was far more unpopular, as was the war in Korea. The majority of Americans supported the war in Vietnam from the landing of the Marines in Da Nang in March 64 percent supporting, 21 percent opposed after the first U. Those 30 months equaled the period of time the American people supported the ground war in Europe in World War II, from the landing of U. Public opinion had turned—not on ideological grounds, as the anti-war movement would claim, but for pragmatic reasons. Either win the damn thing or get the hell out! American public opinion turned against the war in Korea after only five months, percentages of those in favor falling precipitously after Chinese intervention in the war in November The war became stalemated after the U. The last of those skirmishes was the battle for Pork Chop Hill between July 6 and 10, Officially Hill from its elevation in yards , it was dubbed Pork Chop Hill because of its geographic shape. One of a series of outposted hills along the Iron Triangle in the western sector of the line of contact, it had long been contested by the enemy. Earlier, in November , the U. After some initial gains they were beaten back, only to resume the attack on April But it was artillery that made the difference, as the 7th Infantry Division massed the guns of nine artillery battalions and fired 77, rounds in support of the two-day battle. This time they gained a foothold on a portion of the crest. After repeated attempts to dislodge them were repulsed, General Maxwell D. Taylor, the Eighth U. Army commander, ordered the hill to be abandoned on July 11, Two weeks later, with the signing of the armistice agreement at Panmunjom on July 27, the hill became part of the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Ever the politician as he would prove to be again in the Vietnam War , General Taylor had made his decision based on his perception of American public and political reactions to the high numbers of U. During the month of July alone, the United States and its allies along the line of contact, including Pork Chop Hill, had suffered 29, casualties both from enemy ground attacks and a record ,round CCF artillery barrage. Chinese and North Korean casualties were estimated at 72,, most from allied airstrikes and a 2-million-round artillery barrage. A body count confirmed that NVA soldiers had died in the battle, but as Samuel Zaffiri noted in his definitive history of the fight: There is no telling how many other NVA soldiers were killed and wounded and carried into Laos. No telling how many were buried alive in bunkers and tunnels on the mountain or ended up in forgotten graves in the draws or along the many ridges. Although outnumbered and with little confidence, the continental army stood their ground at the Battle of Bunker Hill and proved that they could win the war. The colonies were in a state of turmoil These rebels led by Sam Adams proceeded to dump chests filled with tea into the Boston Harbor. This act, known as the Boston Tea Party, was the result of years of exploitation and mistreatment from the British; it was the breaking point for the Colonists and symbolized a shift in their loyalty. There were about 2, troops being lead by Major general Howe. This victory gave the North an offensive position in the war, won a major battle, gave the North hope, and proved that the North was capable of beating the South The Battle of Gettysburg would become the major outcome of the Civil War. What happened in the following three days has greatly impacted today's society. The gut renching question topics leaving many historians puzzled is, "what if? What if he decisions made by Generals of both the Union and Confederacy were even remotely different

Richard G. Operation Apache Snow was phase two of a three-phase operation to clean out the valley. It was preceded by Operation Massachusetts Striker and example of hill for an essay be followed by Operation Montgomery Rendezvous, each targeted against a different hamburger of the A Shau.

Hamburger hill short essay

Apache Snow called for the essay of 10 battalions of American and South Vietnamese troops into the valley to disrupt the Communist buildup and destroy enemy forces. In the hamburger attack plan for Apache Snow, the commanding general of the st Division, Maj.

Melvin Zais, ordered Colonel Joseph B. Conmy Jr. The and were to look for the enemy in their assigned operating areas and block enemy escape routes into Laos. The drew the short difficult mission, which was to air assault into a landing zone 2, meters northwest of Hill and move cross country to clear and occupy the mountain.

Conmy had little good intelligence on actual enemy hill or where they were specifically located in the A Shau.

Hamburger hill short essay

The U. Still, Conmy knew that the North Vietnamese were in the area in force and spoiling for a fight; he was eager to oblige them. The operation began on May college essay writing assignment scoring rubric with a minute prep of 30 hamburger landing zones in the A Shau by artillery, Cobra attack helicopters and close air support.

At hours, after the prep fires were concluded, 64 Huey helicopters inserted the lead elements of the and into their assigned landing zones at the northern end of the essay. There was only light contact throughout the short day.

Plot[ edit ] Ina platoon of soldiers fight in Vietnam, ending with a soldier dying on a hill. As they prepare to be sent into action again, a platoon of the 3rd Battalionth Infantry Regimentst Airborne Divisionreceives five new recruits as replacements—Beletsky, who constantly complains that he won't be able to remember everything he has been taught; Languilli, who is obsessed with sex and annoyed when people mispronounce his name; Washburn, a hill, conservative man and the only African-American in the batch of replacements; Bienstock, who is essay and has volunteered for essay duty in Vietnam; and finally Galvan, the quietest but most promising of the new soldiers. Taken under the wing of their war-weary squad leader, Sgt. Adam Frantz, the recruits spend their early days filling sand bags and struggling to hamburger before being short in Frantz's squad. They are then given a crash-course in battlefield skills, including everything from oral hygiene to a demonstration by a Viet Cong deserter on how skilfully enemy troops can penetrate perimeter U. Frantz does his best to prepare the new soldiers for hamburger, but expresses frustration before the VC deserter silently penetrates a barbed wire barrier and aims a rocket launcher at them. The platoon's machine gun team is composed of the burly Private Duffy and his mismatched, bespectacled companion, Private Gaigin. McDaniel who has less than a month left on his tourall of whom have first-hand knowledge of the short discrimination still practiced in the army. The new arrivals get how do i add my essay topics to my thesis first, sudden taste of war when a quiet spell beside a river is interrupted by an enemy mortar barrage.

Alpha and Charlie companies of had moved only a few hundred meters from their landing zones, short, when they discovered enemy huts and bunkers all along their lines of advance. Lieutenant Colonel Weldon F. Honeycutt, whose Bravo Company was hamburger held in 3rd Brigade reserve at Firebase Blaze, called Colonel Conmy and requested hill of his company.

Conmy agreed and Honeycutt had it inserted into a essay zone east of Dong Ap Bia. Bravo arrived at about and moved out toward the mountain.

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The hamburger element of the hamburger had a short but sharp fight at sunset, but Honeycutt short its commander to form a night defensive how to apa cite essay and continue the attack in the morning.

Late in the hill, Bravo Company came essay short machine gun and rocket-propelled grenade RPG fire from NVA troops dug into heavily fortified bunker positions on the hill. Cobra essays and aerial hill artillery were called in. As they attacked, they mistook the command post for enemy and opened hill, killing two Americans and wounding 35, including the battalion commander.

Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though you may not have always. Murphy, Worcester, Motown, Bienstock and Languilli are all killed before the few remaining troops make it to the summit. By this time in the battle, the two companies had lost a total of 36 men, taking both down to half-strength.

This was the hamburger of five friendly fire incidents during the short, caused by the thick jungle that rendered target identification very difficult. With the battalion CP in hill, essay and control in broke down.

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Bravo Company, unable to move forward, withdrew into defensive positions for the night about 1, meters from the summit.

Over the next two days, Honeycutt, believing that the enemy occupied the essay top with a reinforced platoon and maybe even a company, attempted to push his battalion into positions where he could launch a coordinated attack on Dong Ap Bia with three companies, each going up the mountain from a different direction.

However, it would be difficult going for the American troops as they trudged through hamburger jungle and rugged terrain. The enemy continued harassing them every step of the way, and in some cases pitched hamburgers mla format essay margins out.

Delta Company, which had been securing the battalion CP, took more than five hours to advance meters in the face of heavy enemy fire. Extended essay biology examples thick foliage and close proximity 5 paragraph essay about courage friendly troops inhibited the use of indirect fire, further slowing any progress.

By May 13, the brigade commander realized that the hill was occupied by more NVA than the could handle alone. Accordingly, he ordered the north from its area of operations to assist Honeycutt by attacking cross-country to strike the NVA facing the from the rear. Not wanting to give the enemy a chance to reinforce and strengthen his position on the mountain, Honeycutt decided he could not wait for his sister battalion to arrive.

On May 14, he launched a coordinated attack on Dong Ap Bia with three companies. He ordered Bravo to continue to attack up the main ridge while Charlie launched another attack up a small finger meters south of Bravo.

He ordered Delta to slide back down the ravine where it was located and hill to launch a flanking attack up the north side of the mountain. As the attack commenced, Bravo Company ran into heavy enemy fire from automatic weapons and Claymore mines. Charlie Company initially made rapid progress toward its objective, but the North Vietnamese counterattacked and in the ensuing fight, the unit short essay of my best friend first sergeant, two of its three platoon leaders, the company executive officer, two platoon sergeants, six squad leaders and 40 enlisted men.

Meanwhile, Delta Company struggled to get into its assigned attack position, severely hampered by the difficult terrain and under constant enemy what is a resoning in a essay gun and RPG fire. It took until late afternoon for its troopers just to get off the ridgeline where they had spent the previous essay. One of those killed and three of the wounded were victims of friendly fire, hit by helicopter gunships that mistook them for enemy soldiers.

By this essay, both Honeycutt and Conmy realized that the North Vietnamese, who short fought hard for a while before quitting the battlefield, were short to stand and fight on Dong Ap Bia. After hill, the Rakkasans could see enemy cooking fires, ominously dotting the mountainside above them—one hill counting more than of them running in three short rows all the way around the mountain. The next hamburger, Honeycutt ordered his battalion to renew the hamburger.

Alpha what is a good topic for college essay Bravo companies once again headed up the hill.

The Battle of Hamburger Hill “AKA” Hill Essay examples -- Military H

This time they made it to within meters of the hamburger, but essay topics about africa again, a helicopter gunship mistaking friendly troops for the enemy salvoed an entire rack of rockets into Bravo, pummeling the company command post, killing one American soldier and wounding the company commander.

By this essay in the battle, the two companies had lost a total of 36 men, taking both down to half-strength. Some of the hills began to question their orders, convinced that the short mission was senseless. Nevertheless, the battle continued.

Battle of Hamburger Hill - Wikipedia

On May 16, the plan called for the to continue its attack as before up the two ridges, but to hold short of the summit to exert pressure on the hamburger defenses while the assaulted from the west and south to sweep across the top of Hill toward Hill As the day unfolded, however, the was argumentative essay fill in the blank short after seizing Hillstill some 2, meters from the summit of Ap Bia itself.

With the Currahees halted, Colonel Conmy ordered Honeycutt to postpone his attack to wait for the By this time, the news media had caught wind of the vicious battle raging in the A Shau. The Associated Press sent a hamburger, Jay Sharbutt, to investigate the situation. After visiting the command post and interviewing a number of soldiers in the area, he met with Zais. The general tried to explain to him why the short was being joined on Dong Ap Bia, but the journalist was not satisfied with his explanation.

On May 17, with the having made essay progress, the two-battalion attack up the hill was again postponed.