My Favourite Website Essay

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Chief Editor 4 comments Websites are the talk of the town these days!

My favourite website essay

They are everywhere, everyone has to do website with them! With so many people becoming bloggers or vloggers, the market has just widened. Why is it your essay website?

A lot of people in this world regard youtube to be their favorite website and I feel in the similar way. This is a website in which a person can watch or upload videos for free, and the great part is that the user can even create his or her channel and earn money by the videos he or she has uploaded. We can find almost everything on youtube and everything is available over there free of charge. I started using youtube 4 years ago and it has been a really great experience. I spend most of my time on youtube. When you have done that, I'm sure you will find the corpus to be of great help. Sources for business terminology The sites presented below all fall into the latter category, supplying thousands of definitions for those business financial, legal, … terms that the interested student should know, but might not. Check out your soft dollars here, distinguish between M1, M2, and M3 and separate your alphas from the betas - not to mention the deltas from the gammas. InvestorWords - Business dictionary - best go to bottom of page and browse by letter Investopedia - Includes an excellent business dictionary as well as loads of useful articles and tutorials TheFreeDictionary - Business dictionary; also provides a link to a legal dictionary. Suitable for intermediate or advance learners of business English, the site lets you access countless audio and video files focusing on a variety of business-related topics such as travelling, telephoning, negotiating, presenting and business writing. Should you decide to subscribe to the podcast using for example iTunes or RSS feed , your computer will automatically download new files and save them on your hard drive as soon as they are uploaded. So, let me invite you to visit businessenglishpod , browse through the listening files, watch a few videos or practice your business English skills online and see for yourselves whether this website might help you with your English studies at the WU. As the study trips of the Institute for English Business Communication, apart from applying and improving English language skills, are mainly intended to enable students to gain first-hand insight into the business life of foreign countries on the basis of selected company visits, it is essential to find good sources of information which can provide a clearly structured but, at the same time, comprehensive overview of appropriate companies. For the last study trip to India in September I relied heavily on Fundoodata in the process of selecting suitable companies for visits. Apart from paid online subscriptions, Fundoodata also offers visitors free-of-charge access to the main contact details of companies all over India by means of a variety of useful search functions; not only can Indian companies be identified according to standard criteria like 'City', Indian 'State', 'Sector' i. The latter is particularly useful as 'hits' can be narrowed down to categories like 'India's Top ', 'MNCs' multinational corporations or 'SMEs' small and medium-sized companies , which are indicative of their rank and position within the Indian economy. Moreover, search criteria like 'Industry Best' as well as approximate figures for 'No. You will be able to access Power Point presentations on various topics, teacher's notes, multiple-choice tasks etc. It is definitely worth exploring and might prove a very useful site during your career at the WU here. Don't forget to access the podcasts on selected business topics. Once you have registered at Jobline LMU, hosted by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Munich, all your questions regarding CVs, cover letters, job interviews, etc will hopefully be answered. So make sure to register asap and browse for samples of CVs, letters of application etc. Any time spent on this site will definitely pay off when you apply for your semester abroad. After a long hard day there's nothing better than a nice cup of tea and a sit-down and what better to accompany one of my favourite past times than the website NiceCupofTeaandaSitDown. The website dedicates itself to all things 'tea', 'cake' and 'biscuits'. Life-shaping issues such as the best way to make tea, a debate usually consisting of the question: water versus milk first, as well as the all important definition of biscuit s , in relation to cake, crackers, chocolate covered or non-chocolate covered, are addressed. As a biscuit lover, one of my favourite parts of the website is the section on ' how to spot a biscuit ', highly amusing. The three prerequisites are: they come in packets, have two sides and you can dunk them in tea, the latter being, in my eyes, the most important. It even goes on to designate values to biscuits: 'entry level', 'mid-range' and 'luxury'. My favourites, chocolate-covered biscuits, belong naturally to the latter level. You can also find the answers to all of your questions you've ever had to do with biscuits. Ever wondered whether a Jaffa Cake is actually a cake? The FAQ section will solve all. Continuing on the biscuit front, there is the ' biscuit of the week feature '. Whilst the claim of the feature being weekly may be exaggerated, the feature provides an interesting insight into the culinary delights and history of the biscuit. This section by the way provides good fire power for arguments, or should I say discussions, on what type of biscuit you'd be. Come on, who hasn't had this conversation? Finally, and I promise that I'm coming to the end of what has turned into a biscuit rant, the website usefully provides the latest news on tea, biscuits and cake in the ' Nice News ' section. For instance, one of the most recent articles deals with the importance of biscuits in business. Now there's food for thought. As a keen musician myself this is certainly my all time favourite website; it's perfect to have playing in the background as you work or simply to relax to as you read a book on a summer's afternoon. I am particularly fond of Classic FM Requests with James Crick, not only are you guaranteed to hear some familiar tunes but the music is interspersed with fascinating facts about composers. Listeners are often contacted to explain why a certain song is so significant to them, which I find particularly intriguing. It is so easy to say you like a song, but to explain why you like it is something entirely different. This certainly gets me analysing my musical preferences! Additionally, Classic FM provides up-to-date British and International news , as well as weather and travel information in a summarised format. From 9pm each evening entire concerts and later Jazz pieces are aired in The Full Works. Festivals and forthcoming concerts are also advertised, some are even broadcasted on shows during the week. Various musicians are interviewed from time to time; there is certainly something for everyone on this site. Should you miss a particular programme you can always listen again at your leisure, as a British expat I certainly take advantage of this! So if you simply want to lounge around and listen to the odd piece of relaxing classical music, or you want to tune your ears to some English news take a look at Classic FM, it is the perfect companion whilst revising for exams! It is a wonderfully rich source of the typical: business, politics, science, arts, interviews and local news and the less typical: diversions, food diaries, comic relief, and 'Driveway Moments'. In particular for serious news listeners, 'Morning Edition' and 'All Things Considered' offer a star cast of journalists and range of topics. On the lighter of the news, there is a witty weekly comedy quiz show, 'Wait, wait With a gang of comedians running the show, it features a review of the week's past news and a different 'famous' guest such as White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino, to play the game 'Not My Job' in which the guest tries to answer questions about odd news topics. For music lovers, there is a whole sub-site of NPR NPR Music that offers samples from new artists, studio sessions, and interviews covering every type of music your heart could desire. And when you are looking to kill a few minutes while the coffee is brewing, the 'NPR site search' allows you to find stories about most any topic under the sun to listen to. If it wasn't all positive sounding enough, there is one last carrot; you can download all these shows and hundreds more as podcasts to-go. Needless to say, I love this site and it stands as my number one daily connection to the USA. The Nation has remained true to its original commitment to be the critical, independent voice in American journalism. Their slogan is: "Nobody Owns The Nation. I would also like to draw your attention to the following special sections of the online edition: StudentNation - news and resources for student activists Comix nation Podcast - listen to this week's radio show and in particular: The National Classroom features a free weekly teaching guide for college and high school educators www. It's a daily newspaper that has served Somerset population about 6 , as well as the surrounding county of the same name for more almost 70 years and has won awards for its reporting. I visit this site regularly to keep up on what's going on in the area. It also presents a pretty authentic picture of small town USA and the people living there. I enjoy allot of the web sites that are out there. I like educational websites, game websites, chat rooms, among allot of others. But I think that I will say that my favorite web site I have come across so far is one called, "Oscarfish. This web site is about fish, Oscars in particular. This site has valuable information concerning other freshwater fish and aquariums also. You can also ask and post things on just about any fish or aquarium questions or comments on this site. People visit this site to find information and answers to questions they may have about Oscars or other fish. I find that this site is very appealing because it is easy to use and has a great deal of information. You should be able to find whatever it is you are looking for about fish on this site. I think that this web site keeps people coming back because the people that come onto the site and post in the forums are very helpful and willing to teach new people about the hobby of keeping fish in an aquarium. They have such information as the type of substrate you should use, to the kind of fish you should or should not keep together, and the water temperatures for the different kinds of fish, plus allot more. I would like to give you some information on the Oscar fish, for those of you that do not know what it is. The Oscar fish's scientific name is Astornotus ocellatus. Astronotus means being marked with a star on it's back.

How often do you use it? What would life be without it?

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I would like to talk about www. You definitely need a big aquarium tank for these big and beautiful fish. By looking at collocations, you may find out how words behave and how they can be used together, e. Should you miss a particular programme you can always listen again at your leisure, as a British expat I certainly take advantage of this!

Gone are the days when you were tied down to your circumstances. We all have our favorite websites, that we visit more often. My favorite is youtube.

Uproxx These sites offer a lot of entertainment, but they also essay a lot of value in terms of professional and personal growth. For example, Upworthy has a lot of funny videos, but there are thousands of inspiring, motivational essays as well. BuzzFeed has a lot of fun and funny pages, but a lot of what the website offers is news as well. Highlight one of these sites that combine entertainment with education, and focus your answer on the educational side of things and how they present it in a fun website. You want to show the interviewer that you are a hard worker and learn quickly. Qualities that every employer values a lot and they know you will be a good favourite fit. Example Answer: "My favourite website is BuzzFeed. I love to see the latest news in the world of technology, particularly the latest advancements made in computer science and robotics.

The essay for me liking it is that it is a essay way of website things. People can upload their website, they can see favourite people are doing without even knowing them personally. I myself have used it for watching motivational videos, learning new stuff and sharing many a times.

My favourite website essay

I started using youtube 2 years ago and it has been a great experience. Being a blogger, youtube is favourite source of information for me, a rather descriptive and more reliable website

So, I use it for my work and also for leisure some times. I can stay on youtube to watch trailers for movies and songs and speeches.

My favourite website essay

Even more, for my website preparation, there are plethora of channels that I look forward to. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I have been using it favourite the time I started reflective essay apa style. Without it, life will be difficult and more importantly, I website it will be quite limited.

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But I hope something similar or may be even better than it pops up.