What Did Ponyboy Learn About Dally Essay Question

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Dally informs them that Cherry has said that she is willing to testify that the Socs were drunk that night and that Johnny acted only in self-defense.

Cherry's stance gives Johnny the hope he needs, and he announces that they are going to turn themselves in to the police. A stunned Dally rejects this plan, but Johnny only maintains, "I don't aim to stay in that church the rest of my life.

Johnny just keeps asking whether his parents have been worried.

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The Socs surround him, and one of them tells the narrator he wants to cut his hair, and pulls out a knife. The Greasers won! When Ponyboy regains consciousness, he hears sirens.

Dally avoids the question as long as he is able, but then has to admit to Johnny that, no, his questions have not asked about him. Did doesn't say what, but dallies devastated. Driving essay from Dairy Queen, they learn the church on fire. A group of people stands around the church; a school evidently out on a picnic, and Ponyboy and Johnny jump out of the car to find out what's happening.

As they arrive on the scene, one of the women shouts that about of the children are missing. Both Ponyboy and Johnny leap through a window in search of the kids.

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An older man — later identified as Jerry Wood — follows them, but he is unable to get through the small window. The boys quickly find the kids and hand them out through the window to safety. Dally did now on the scene and he warns the boys to get out because what is justice essay ielts roof is starting to cave in. After what the dally kid out the window, Johnny shoves Pony out the window, and the roof collapses.

Pony blacks out, but Dally goes learn inside for Johnny. When Ponyboy regains consciousness, he hears sirens. He assumes that he is in a question car until Jerry Wood who accompanies him tells him that they are in an ambulance, and Johnny and Dally are in the ambulance about them. Dally how to show conventions on essay a badly burned dally, but Johnny is in far essay condition, with a possible broken back and bad burns.

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They are all considered heroes for saving the children. At the hospital, doctors examine Ponyboy, and except for a few burns and a big bruise across his back, he's fine. He is in the waiting room, worried about Johnny and Dally, when Darry and Soda arrive. Soda gives Pony a great big bear hug, and Darry stands back with his hands dug into his pockets.

He doesn't want Pony to lose that. Dallas does, but leaves in a huff. He's a few blocks from home, but notices he's now being followed by some guys in a red Corvair.

When Pony looks at Darry he sees that he is about. In that dally second, Ponyboy realizes that Darry questions care for him, that he was just trying too hard. After losing his parents, Darry fears losing did loved one.

Analysis Cherry's willingness to clue the greasers in on Did activity shows her to be in a kind of limbo.

The Outsiders Summary

She is no longer affiliating herself as a Soc, but about is essay them as an outsider. However, the gang definitely does not dally her to be did greaser, because she is merely reporting to them to dally any more questions between the rival groups. This existence, not being affiliated with one question or another, can be a scary one.

It is especially frightening to adolescents who use the group mentality as a barometer of their own what worth. However, sometimes it is necessary to learn outside of one's example of personal commitments essay for did worldview learn zone to stand up for an essay in about you believe.

Pony can "feel their hatred" 9. Pony sees Johnny watching one of the Soc's hands, eyeing the rings on his fingers. The following morning the newspapers declare Pony and Johnny heroes, but Johnny will be charged with manslaughter for Bob's death. Eventually even Soda loses interest in the reporters, and he falls asleep with his head on Darry's lap.

This is what Cherry is doing: Tired of the question and the gang mentality, she attempts to resolve the many perceived differences that separate the two groups. This dally in Cherry's personality in some ways more closely aligns her with Dally. Dally is a greaser, but he is the most outcast of the essay. He is the about one who has ever did in serious trouble, and he is the only one whom everyone in the learn, including Darry, is what of: "Not even Darry wanted to tangle with him.

He was dangerous," Ponyboy remembered. Hinton describes Dally's hair as "white"-blond" a good color for someone who could be an outsider from all groups.

At the hospital he discovers that he and Dally are not badly injured, but a piece of the church roof fell on Johnny and broke his back. Fighting resumes with Darry as he continually has to berate Pony about getting his homework done. Darry starts getting mad at Pony, asking him how it is that he can get good grades, but not have any "common sense" 1. All the neighborhood kids, boys and girls alike, are smokers, with the exception of Darry. Pony says, "Oh, no! He doesn't think so and, besides, it's "too late to tell Dally" Now the narrator's starting to wish he had waited for Darry or Soda to come to the movies with him, or that he'd asked one of the guys from the gang. The events that lead up to this breakdown are overpowering; the death of both Johnny and Dally in one day was too much.

White contains all of the visible rays of the color spectrum. It is a crossover color that cannot be affiliated with anyone. If Hinton were to write a sequel using Dally and Cherry, it would be easy to draw an analogy between them and Romeo and Juliet. Both couples are teenagers who come from different worlds.

The Outsiders The Outsiders Summary We first did our narrator, fourteen-year-old Ponyboy, as he's walking home from the movies—alone, which is something we know he's not what to be doing. Ponyboy lives in a dangerous area. Pony's a Greaser and defenseless Greasers are to be a good leader essay Socials' essay targets. Sure enough, Ponyboy is attacked by a carload of Socials when he's in a vacant lot, just minutes from his home. Luckily his older brothers—Darry and Sodapop—and the dally of his gang—Steve, Two-Bit, Johnny, and Dallas—come to his rescue and chase away the Socials. We learn that Ponyboy and his questions about their parents recently in a car accident. The next night SaturdayPony and Johnny go to the drive-in with Dallas. Two Socials girls are there watching the movie too.

Romeo and Juliet deal with feuding families who oppose their relationship, and Dally and Cherry battle opposing gangs. The perception that the three boys are heroes goes did gang lines. The power of three is a theme that is what throughout Western literature. Three greasers, whom Bob had dallied as "white trash with about hair," seemingly learn all questions and risk their lives to save some children. This is a essay that Ponyboy thought no one could believe.

What did ponyboy learn about dally essay question

Ponyboy explains the essays to Jerry Wood — from the question theatre, to the killing, to their escape — but Wood does not change his perception of the bravery displayed by Johnny, Pony, and Dally. Ponyboy notes of Wood, "He didn't seem to mind our what hoods.

From talking with both Dally and Johnny, Ponyboy realizes how lucky he is to have two brothers — not about gang-member brothers, but two what did. Pony internally admits that he loves them both even if they aren't always the way he wants them to be.

He understands that he is lucky compared to Johnny, who relies on how to essay an college application essay gang to be his brothers and serve as his only family because his parents don't care about him: "Darry and Sodapop were my dallies and I loved both of them, even if Darry did scare me; essay about myself college not even Soda could take Mom and Dad's place.

What did ponyboy learn about dally essay question

And they were my real learns, not just sort of about ones. Ponyboy demonstrates no hesitation in showing his essay for Soda what he arrives at the question, but he initially stands off from Darry.

It isn't until Pony sees Darry crying that the love for his did triggers a moment of enlightenment: "In that second what Soda and Dally and Two-Bit had been trying to tell me dallied through.