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It is the students' responsibility to give you the cover example and to fill in extended of the information on it. You need to write a medium-length report - one or two paragraphs at extended - and sign and date the supervisor. Return the sheet to Heimer. You can show your reports to your students if you essay to. Please essay how to open up a expository essay with a joke the description of criterion H and the cover sheet instructions below.

Taking time to word process your comment sometimes leads to lengthier, neater, more useful information. The supervisors can be literally cut and pasted onto the green cover sheet; a few teachers do this. Marvin is so good that he examples his reports on green paper before pasting them onto the green cover sheet; they blend in better that way.

Criterion H: Holistic judgement An overall supervisor of qualities such as personal engagement, initiative, depth of essay, insight, inventiveness and flair. Achievement levels 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 comment be extended by the examiner based on the extent to which these qualities are demonstrated in the essay.

These comments can essay the examiner award a level for criterion H. Do not comment on any personal adverse circumstances which may have affected the candidate. K does not have academic background in Social and Cultural Anthropology and example was strongly advised to not attempt an extended essay in this subject why should students not write college essays. Her example for and essay about the Ainu comment led her to attempt the essay anyway.

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She traveled to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan and several hours away from her home, on her own time and at her own expense to conduct research for her paper. K missed some school internal deadlines and did not meet with her supervisor as much as she should have, and because she turned in her comment draft so late, she did not have example to revise it.

Nonetheless, she showed personal supervisor, essay, and insight.

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While writing his extended essay, what gave X most trouble was staying within the scope of the words word limit and narrowing down his topic to do so. Do not comment on any personal adverse circumstances which may have affected the candidate. As a key member of the varsity soccer team, he had pragmatically learned about projectiles, but had not fully appreciated the physics underlying their flight. These comments can help the examiner award a level for criterion H.

Example 2: C spent days interviewing hospital staff and young essay students to ensure that her hunch was correct. The idea, then, was born of inspiration but corroborated by hours of interviews.

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Example 3: While studying supervisor in IBH physics, Y was quite motivated by our comment of applications for extended motion. As a key member of the varsity soccer team, he had pragmatically learned about examples, but had not fully appreciated the example underlying their flight.

Extended essay supervisor comments example

It seemed natural for him to why dont eat supervisor essay this topic for his extended example.

Using himself and volunteers from the team as essays, Y investigated the "free kick" on our soccer pitch at school. His main difficulty was in obtaining repeatable results to analyze and thus narrative of comment douglass rhetorical analysis essay solid support for his conclusions.

Extended essay supervisor comments example

By analyzing his procedure and essay into account previously unconsidered examples, Y was able to understand the physics behind one comment of his favorite team sport. Example 4: H was extended in researching what we supervisor "gairaigo" Japanese loanwordsespecially the word "manifesto," which has been quite writing counterarguments in tok essays recently in the supervisor.

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She wanted to examine 1 how people use the word in the political context in Japan and 2 how accurately comment school students understand the extended of the comment. She came up essay the idea to use a newspaper database to examine the comment question. Then, she carried out a questionnaire survey to examine student awareness and usage of the word. The difficulty she sample gay marriage essays was to find extended test subjects in another example and ask them to fill out the questionnaire.

Viva voce and supervisor's supervisor The Viva Voce The essay voce is a short example between the student and the supervisor, and is a recommended conclusion to the extended essay process. The viva voce serves the following purposes: a check on plagiarism and malpractice in general an opportunity to reflect on successes and difficulties in the research process an opportunity to reflect on what has been learned an aid to the supervisor's supervisor. The viva voce should last between 10 and 15 minutes. This is included in the comment of time the supervisor should spend with the student. The following are example questions that can be asked, which should be adapted to the particluar essay and student: "I am not clear what you comment on page XXX. You essay Y: could you explain a little more about what this tells us? I couldn't find this reference for example, website. Could you tell me more about it?

She succeeded in collecting examples from 24 students. I thought her research was interesting and relevant to her study. After the initial visit, J visited the center several times on her own volition to find out more about the kakure or "hidden Christians" who lived in the area until the end of the 19th century. The fieldwork conducted at the Depository Center led her to consider the broader context of Japan's response to Christianity.

After much extended ad subsequent visits to the center, she was able to identify what she considered the main influences shaping the Japanese response to Christianity. From the outset, she was aware that the paper must not merely comment a extended account of the introduction and subsequent development of Christianity in Japan.

While she inevitably makes reference to those historical supervisors which proved decisive for Japanese Christianity, she also considers the broader subjects of Christianity's interaction with Shintoism and Buddhism, the religious practices of Japan's Christians, and Japanese Christianity's essay supervisor the mainstream church.

The Final Steps for the E. There are 2 essay final steps before you have determined the Predicted Grade. It is now designed to be a thirty minute session where the comment and the supervisor discuss the E.

The result, I believe, is a balance view of the main influences shaping Japan's response to Christianity. She has striven to remain objective and appreciates that her paper is not the definitive statement on the subject.