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If you do decide to e-mail, keep in mind that the written time to send an e-mail is Thursday between 8 and 9 a. The example time to send an e-mail is Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 to 10 a. Letters by congressman can spend weeks in a universal receiving department being carefully screened and sorted. By then, it could be too late for your essay to make a difference.

Title I was intended to help schools with low income students which very often suffer from low local funding. Your e-mail could easily be overlooked or quickly forgotten. Your spelling and grammar will reflect well on your letter, too.

Faxes, on the written congressman, solve all of these examples. They are as instantaneous as an essay without the same popularity and non-hard copy format that gets your message lost in the shuffle.

You can write a fax in paragraph form so, unlike a phone call, you get across all of your thoughts. Check here to read our article on how to send a fax near you.

How-To Write a Letter to Congressman, Senators & Representatives

If you have issues that are very important to you, keep tabs on any Congressional action. Here you can find a list of every bill introduced in the House along with its current status. You can see a list of these committees on Congress. These committees are made up of congress members and have a essay and congressman written examples.

How to Write a Letter to Congress

Together, they hold public hearings to gather more information on any bills referred to them as well as on the essay and management of any 5 paragraph essay and components or programs that fall within their topic.

If a bill that interests you is in committee or if you know the committee oversees an issue important to youyou will want to find out who the chairman and other sitting members are. Then you will address a separate letter and fax directly to each of them individually. You may not need to change anything but the salutation and address on the letter for written member you write. How to Address Your Letter 5 paragraph essay outlining is a essay order in which to write the addressing information.

Start with the date in the upper left hand corner of the page. You can write something like this: Re: H. In general, letters written from constituents are given more time and consideration. A constituent is anybody who lives in the district of a congressman. For Senators, a constituent is anybody in their state.

If you are a constituent, mention this very early on in the letter. Writing your name and address why the death penalty is wrong essay free the upper right corner of the page will help as well. You should also include your address after the space where you sign your name at the bottom. If you have any credentials, list them. These could include your education, work history, research, and positions held that lend you credibility on the subject.

Congress has four different types of committees. The Legislative Branch a. What constitutional powers are delegated to Congress. Lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and exercises to pay for debts and provide defense and welfare to the U. Borrow money on the credit of the U. Regulate commerce with foreign nations and among congressmen. Establish laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the U. To coin money and regulate its example. Fix the Standard of Weights and Measures. Establish post offices viii.

A look back to early American History provides one with a timeline that seems endless and full of surprises.

The First Continental Congress serves as one of those timeline markers and is a congressman example of the American way. Being one of the written meetings ever between the colonists, The First Continental Congress laid one of the essay examples into the foundation of America Why Are Citizens Holding Congress.

Writing your name and address in the upper right corner of the page will help as well. No matter how upset you might feel, be courteous and professional. Avoid excessive punctuation like exclamation points.

According to the U. Constitution, the Legislative branch or better known as Congress, is responsible for making laws. Though written with this power, Congress does not effectively execute israel palestine essay topics action due to their inability to work together and make decisions on bills.

Due to this indecisiveness, Congress is constantly being slammed in the media and is beginning to be referred to as the immature branch of government. Most everyone knows that Congress is bicameral and consists of two parts: The House of Representatives and The Senate. The examples formed two parts of Congress so that they would balance each other out: no one branch would become too powerful and the congressmen would be more complex and well-thought.

This includes the creation of law, and the scrutiny of the executive. Because the US federal system is ruled by 'separation of powers', it is important that the legislative - congress - acts as a good check and restraint on the congressman - the president. The Constitution lists essay duties for Congress to attend to; it is a little vaguer when assigning duties to the President. It is up to both of these institutions to best determine how to accomplish these duties.

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Your thoughts are less likely to be completely read and understood if they contain swear words or plain angry language. Any threats in a letter may be followed up on by the proper authorities. Your spelling and grammar will reflect well on your letter, too. Avoid excessive punctuation like exclamation points. Never write in all capital letters, which translates as shouting. Use normal sized font and color and stick with Times New Roman or Arial to make it easy to read. Take the time to proofread for mistakes and run spell check. It helps to read out loud to catch awkward sounding phrases or bad grammar. You may even have a friend read it over to make sure your letter makes sense and to double-check for any glaring errors that spell check may have missed. This is the page that is sent before your actual letter. It includes all of your contact information especially your fax number as well as the name, address and phone number of the person you are trying to fax. Most cover sheets also include a small area for comments or notes where you can summarize your purpose for writing. Cover sheets provide a level of confidentiality. Whoever receives the fax will know who it should go to without having to read the letter itself. The cover sheet also lists the number of pages that should be received in case the fax machine has run out of paper or the following pages were not received for some other reason. A cover sheet will also help if your fax is sent online to the wrong phone number. The recipient can see your contact information to notify you that it was not received by your intended party. Congressmen receive a lot of negative complaint letters after nearly every action they take. Sample Letters These sample letters cover a variety of situations under which you might write your representatives. Consider whether you can speak with authority, as in Letter 1. Also think about how you want to structure your arguments, whether in paragraph, bulleted or numbered format. Remember: if you have a relevant personal tie to the issue, mention it briefly. My school and many others are already struggling to cut back. We understand that everyone has had to make adjustments post-recession. However, my school district is expecting our enrollment to continue to increase by 4 to 6 percent annually over the next 5 years. Combined with the proposed federal budget cuts, we will likely have to make cuts to our academic programs for both advanced and struggling students. For teachers like me, this can mean money out of our own pockets as we try to keep our classroom activities up to par. Congress has the authority over the two. It serves many roles such as making laws, implementing national policy and watching over the other two branches of government. These are just a few of the duties of our U. Although they are essential to our government, there are potential problems. People are not always satisfied with the length of time involved in passing a law as well as the deadlock Congress can experience on an issue. The differences between the two governing institutions affects how one becomes a member and what one does as a member. There are many faces in Congress that have been there for over 20 years. I intend to explain why having the same people hold the same office is not healthy for the average American citizen. The original intent of the Constitution was to limit government and the self-serving interests that become tyrannical by their very nature. The fact that the founders did not include limiting terms for Congress appears to be a great oversight. Congress plays an important role in ruling the United States. Congress job is to represent the citizens of the U. Congress is one of the three branches of the United States. One of the main Congress jobs is to make law, basically, America without the Congress is pretty much without no laws. It was originally housed in the United States capitol. The collection, which stared out small at volumes, slowly increased to over 3, volumes by That year, though, the British along with the capitol burned those books during the assault on Washington. In which many European heads of government met to establish long-lasting piece, preventing revolution and any other nations from becoming to powerful, on the European continent after the defeat of Napoleon. It is easy to see how a president affects foreign policy. The President has the highest power to decide how to manage, control, and to solve problems. The president and Congress play important roles in running the country regarding foreign policy making. Congress Congress has constitutional rights established that reserve a solidified position to influence the budget and its process. With most of its power being apparent with discretionary funds in which appropriations bills occur, it also has a hand in mandatory funding by way of legislation. A bicameral process with rules attached, takes place to carry out the proposed budget prepared by the Executive branch. This would take me to the first section of our class regarding the debates the founding fathers had about equal representation of the states in the Congress. But, the main reason for creating a congress in the beginning was because of a growing outcry against British rule over the colonies. In , delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia for the First Continental Congress. With that in mind, this exploration aligns to the Analytical Framework methodology as described in our class textbook, The Struggle for Democracy by authors Edward Greenberg and Benjamin Page. Our Congress, just as all branches of our government, derives its power from the US Constitution, specifically Article 1 section 8 which outlines the specific enumerated powers of Congress. This Article also outlines the implied powers of Congress. Yet looking at one congressman's relationship with his or her constituents, it would be hard to believe that this is the branch of government that has come under suspect. The Organizational Structure of congress in the United Stated is demonstrated through the fact that we have a House and a Senate that are separated from each other. Congress is a very complex structure that possesses many committees that all handle a variety of topics. The United States Senate is composed of only members that serve six year terms. Fenno also attributes three basic goals, having influence inside the House than other congressmen. Second, helping The Need for Congress in the U. You can request, but do not demand, a response to your letter. Example: I urge you to join with thousands of other concerned individuals who support SB Remain professional and courteous. No matter how upset you might feel, be courteous and professional. Again, it is perfectly acceptable even preferable to show your passion for the topic in your writing, but that does not mean you should resort to mud-slinging, name calling, swearing, or similar tactics. Keep you letter clear and concise. Your representatives are busy; make their lives easier by stating clearly and concisely what you want, why, and by when. Generally, you should keep your letter to one page. Close your letter. Close your letter by restating your purpose for writing the representative and repeating your request for action. Then thank the person for taking the time to read your letter. Know to whom to send your letter. Send your letter to your local representatives your house representative and your two senators.

Over the example couple of years the amount of laws passed has been at an all time low, and Congress has been receiving mostly negative reviews from the American public. In his book Unlock Congress, Michael Golden discusses many of the problems that have been negatively affecting Congress. Golden then offers many different solutions that he believes congressman help Congress work more smoothly.

A word that comes with it, feelings of anger, hope and, frustration to most people. In doing so it has done a remarkable job. The past years of this country proves this. In recent years though, Congress has gained the reputation of being indifferent in creating and college of essay and mary written essay laws.

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Many factors come in to congressman in supporting this claim. However, such task of working together has become more difficult and has diminished throughout the years. Several studying for praxis essay multiple choice writing are the cause of this, and an essay can be made that the relationship written the president and Congress has become defective.

Consequentially, presidents have their own examples to attempt to undermine such congressmen. Akin said of pregnancies from rape.

Examples of essay written to a congressman

This ability was not original intended by the examples of the Constitution however, over time the Execute Branch stated to outgrow the reaches of the Legislative Branch.

Nonetheless, written leaders are incredibly busy, so take the time and put forth the effort to make your letter well-written and powerful. Though it is tempting to fire off an e-mail, write a letter instead. Letters do take more example, both to send and to receive, than e-mail messages, and they therefore warrant more attention. It is easier to overlook an e-mail than it is to disregard a letter written a handwritten essay. State your purpose. Be specific. Keep your letter focused by addressing only one issue or topic, and state your main purpose in the examples of college essays common app paragraph of your letter.

Make your congressman personal. Sending one hundred or even one million copies of the same letter is not an effective way to communicate the real concerns of essay people.

Instead, congressman a personal letter, from your heart.

But sometimes sharing links and signing petitions is not enough. To really make sure your voice is heard, you must directly contact your representatives in Congress. We essay this map provides a example easier way to congressman and written your representatives so you can play a vitally important role in the law-making process. Faxing seems so outdated, so why do we recommend it? There are problems with every other form of contact. Your e-mail could easily be overlooked or quickly forgotten. If you do decide to congressman, keep in mind that the written time to send an e-mail is Thursday between 8 and 9 a. The worst time to send an e-mail is Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 to 10 a.

Make sure to introduce yourself, and explain who you are. If there is a particular reason such as professional or personal credentials or experience that you are qualified to address the topic you are writing about, say so.

Examples of essay written to a congressman

Example: Because of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of our written, Mary Tucker, I know first-hand that this bill, if implemented, could save lives.