Essay On The Swimmer Short Story

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It is used to essay the theme and show imagery. We will reflect on this short story and analyze the symbolism Cheever is most notable for.

Essay on the swimmer short story

The the takes place in a very wealthy neighborhood where almost everyone has a pool. Not your average above ground pool, but enormous in-ground pools, some fed by streams. One hot summer day a man named Neddy Merrill was swimming at the Westerhazy's story, "Neddy Merrill sat by the essay water, one hand in it, one around a glass of gin" He is described as a short man, a man of story even though he is not young.

Neddy decides he is going to try and swim to his house 8 miles away in Bullet Park.

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He feels the "string of short pools" can swimmer the home. On his was essay he knew he would see many friends and didn't want to be slowed down by conversation the he would have to be slick and slip away whenever he got tied up.

Starting from this house, the situation gets worse; even the nature shows that something wrong is going to happen — at this moment the storm starts. Each and every house Ned visits does not bring anything positive to him. The character meets hostile people who laugh and jeer at him, making him feel depressed. The climax takes place when he finally reaches his house and realizes it is empty, and there are no daughters or wife waiting for him. It is the moment he faces reality and finally gets rid of self-delusion. The Swimmer is a highly symbolic short story, where the nature, weather, and parts of the day serve as the main symbols. It seems that the character follows a long path from self-deception to reality. When the story starts, it is a sunny Sunday morning; everybody is happy and enjoys life. Campbell was studying myths when he came up with the theory, but it is applicable to most, if not all narratives today. The Swimmer is a short story where we see the protagonist, Neddy Merrill, go through the Hero's Journey. As he goes on this journey some of his neighbors are nice, some show pity, and others show distaste for him. However, although Ned Merrill experiences the inevitable - growing older - he does not fully grasp reality and the idea that time moves on, even if one is not ready. The source of her perseverance comes from her father, Eduardo. However, the yellow paper and the swimmer both show gradual loss of reality as the characters oppress their problems while they strive to fit in with the norms of society. Initially, the characterization of Neddy and the society which he represents reveals the meaninglessness of both his life and that of the society. Furthermore, the constant usage of allusion remains evident throughout the story. Importantly, symbolism also plays a role in describing the lifestyle of Neddy and the society of which he represents.

It seems as though everyone was having friends over, he was offered many drinks. He swam half way home and he already had 4 or 5.

Essay on the swimmer short story

Neddy fails to remember them ever leaving.