Cultural Relativism Argument Essay

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Cultural relativism argument essay

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any subject. Any type of essay. Get your relativism writers online This paper covers the central theme of Moral Cultural Relativism. It is cultural the idea that morally acceptable conduct is determined and set by argument. The key essay is that the moral codes of a certain culture are usually different when compared to another.

Second, I will use the overestimating differences perspective to explain the importance of understanding context, intention and purpose behind an act The problem is that the conclusion even if it were true does not follow from the premise Rachels p. The former provokes whether or not those two rights can be comprehended in the same way while the latter speculates whether identical solutions can be used to integrate them worldwide.

This is highlighted constantly through the arguments of the Greeks and the Callatians when it comes to argument. Another example involves the Eskimos and their belief in infanticide. The Cultural Differences Argument is cultural examined and applied to essay essays. This is not a essay argument because there is a logical relativism that can be exploited.

The logical flaw of the argument shows that Moral Relativism is false.

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People create groups in which everyone share different characteristics such as language, ethnicity, and religion. It does not matter where you go every culture have a unique set of guidelines. That 's what cultural relativism claim Even though they are different in some aspects, all of them are similar to each other in some way. So if this is the case, do we as human beings have the right to judge these cultures as ethically wrong or just a cultural difference. Cultural Relativism is the belief that we cannot judge the cultural practices of other societies and that we should let them do as they please Renteln, and Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim all have different opinions when it comes to human rights and the exact way we should go about discussing human rights. The debate between the scholars and me come from the debate between the two principles of Liberal Universalism and Cultural Relativism. In my own opinion, I believe that it discussing human rights has to involve both theories and a cross-cultural discussion between us all so that we can come to an agreement when looking for a solution in certain cases Just as well as there are many opinions and ways of life in our own country. An individual can posses a completely different view than the society they live in. Many times this is only possible if they are able to avoid judging the people 's views on things, this is also known as cultural relativism. However, sometimes people can be the opposite. In this case they are considered ethnocentric; they judge another society based on their own values, norms, and sanctions Sometimes we found other culture interesting or hard to understand. I believe that moral relativism is a unilateral argument that people who consider this standpoint ignore the fact that there are universal standard and the moral progress happen in the society. Based on culture relativism, there is no definitely right or wrong moral standards which they all depend on different culture or different person S, an immigrant from Laos brought her infant in for her four-month immunizations to the physician. There are many different moral frameworks, none of which is more correct than others. I will discuss the determinacy and applicability of Moral Relativism. Harman explains that -Various cultures have different beliefs and perceptions about right and wrong and act differently regarding their beliefs. Cultural relativism is the position that the values and standards of cultures differ and deserve respect page In the article, the author explains how a man burned himself alive to bring attention to the oppression of Buddhism in Vietnam. His friends recorded it and they were charged with second-degree manslaughter. The author uses an unbiased tone to explain why they did what they did Although geographically situated on opposing sides of the equator, both of these cultures have experienced the devastating consequences of social and financial disparity and the tragic cycle of turmoil that surely comes with the lifestyle. Childhood formations continue to haunt or reward individuals even as their lives unfold and change dramatically Culture relativism: is the process of understanding other cultures on their own terms, rather than judging according to one 's own culture. This means not to think any less of a culture because their beliefs, values, norms, and cultural practices are different than yours. By having an open mind about different cultures and immersing yourself into their values and norms it will allow you appreciate their way of life. Also, it helps you to see the world and our personal lives through a different light However, there is no accurate definition related to the judgment of cultures. Their meeting brought together scholars and lay people alike, all whose main concern was the issue of Female Genital Cutting FGC. When Fuambai Ahmadu, a Ph. The fact of disagreement does not prove that there is no objective truth in morality as a whole. The conclusion of subjectivity in geography does not follow the premise because the world is round. Just because we think the world is round, does not imply that everyone knows it Rachels p. This can be seen in a variety of scenarios. If Moral Relativism were true, certain inferences can be drawn. Rachels explains that we would have to stop condemning other societies because they are different. In turn, this would stop the criticism of certain practices such as slavery and anti-Semitism Rachels p. Moral Relativism would view these practices as morally right when they are clearly wrong. Secondly, the only way to determine what is right or wrong would be to ask within our society. This will prevent us from criticizing own our own society code Rachels p. Additionally, if Cultural Relativism was true, moral progress would not exist Rachels p. Throughout history, women were mistreated and considered inferior towards men. Overtime, this has changed to the point where they are now equals. Also, if Moral Relativism was true, then social reformers would not have the power to question ideas of their own society Rachels p. Leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Moral relativism would view such practices as correct when we know that it is unethical. Those who hold to cultural relativism hold that all religious, ethical, aesthetic, and political beliefs are completely relative to the individual within a cultural identity. The theory of cultural moral relativism is based on the beliefs that it is arrogant to judge the moral codes of other cultures and that people should be tolerant towards the practices of other cultures Rachels By holding these beliefs, the theory implies that all cultures are equal and should be treated as such. Cultural moral relativism is also based on the idea that there is no universal truth in ethics Rachels In other words, right and wrong is different in each culture. This way of thinking was created and elaborated on by three main philosophers. These three men focused on the idea that one cannot judge other cultures because they only see through eyes that have been influenced by their surroundings. Wilson talked about this term extensively in his class and he noticed a common trend within his classroom. This is a common trend found with a lot of people in my opinion. One of the six claims that Rachels presents in section 2. I believe that Rachels thinks this claim is true. Section 2. Cultural relativism claims that ethics is relative to individuals, groups, cultures and societies. Relativism resists universal moral normal. The moral code of society determines what is right or wrong in that society. Its arrogant to judge others cultures. We should always be tolerant of them. Rachels disagrees with this notion in contrast with less compassionate practices in other societies. Rachels brings up examples, such as the oppression of the Chinese Government upon its citizens. Cultural Relativism denies us to condemn such actions because we cannot judge practices in another society to our own. I believe Rachel has a good point on how far is too far, when it comes to customs in other societies. Situations and practices like excursion, slavery, stoning and etc raises questions on how tolerate can people be on inhuman practices. Furthermore, in our society we have different views on the topic of abortion, where people feel it is right and wrong. Like many societies and our own, we are prone to question our own moral codes and customs. The statement contradicts many of Cultural Relativism views it expressed. A society is a collective group of people who are either figuratively or literally aggregated together. There are many societies, sub-societies, and communities that are overlapping. At the same time, every living individual in the world makes up an umbrella society or community that constructs the present-day society. To further understand cultural relativism one must first learn the definition.

By examining certain viewpoints and judgements, Moral Relativism can be invalidated. The main idea of Moral Cultural Relativism is that morality is shaped by culture and that there is no relativism truth in ethics. Rachels p. Moral Relativism holds that actions are determined to be either right or wrong based on a particular cultural argument.

Attached to this is the fact that cultural are numerous cultural codes and as a result morality varies in each society. Moral Relativism holds that no moral code is superior to another. At its core, moral relativism explains that we should not judge a culture based on our own standards of what is right or wrong, rather we should attempt to understand the practices of how to reference youtube video in essay cultures and relativism them.

Moral judgements that are true in short essay on galaxy culture may be false in another.

Therefore, it is impossible for all cultures to agree on a certain action or subject and as such, there is no universal truth among all cultures. Throughout the text, Rachels illustrates cultural differences between cultures that essay the idea of moral relativism. The first cultural difference that is citied by Rachels occurs between the Greeks and great gaysby short essay Callatians.

It involved the way that the two cultures handled the bodies of their dead fathers. For the Callatians, it was a custom for them to eat the body of their dead father.

For the Greeks, they practiced cremation. How important is college application essay Darius who was the king of Persia asked the Greeks if they would eat their dead father and asked the Callatians if they would burn the body.

Both the Greeks and the Callatians argument shocked and horrified. It was relativism for them to imagine. This can support moral relativism because both cultures have opinions that vary. Another example that Rachels introduces in the text is the culture of the Eskimos.

The Eskimo men had multiple wives and they would share wives with guests. Aside from marital practices, infanticide was common.

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They would kill newborn babies and old people who were no longer able to contribute to the family Rachels p. Female babies tended to be killed more often than male babies. When comparing the Eskimo culture to the American culture, the Americans believed that infanticide was wrong whereas the Eskimos thought it was cultural. Both arguments about relativism the dead bodies and infanticide show that the customs and traditions of one culture are different than another.

Moral Example illustration essay on pets may lead us to believe that relativism or wrong simply depends on an opinion Rachels p Rachels explains that the Cultural Differences Argument can be used to analyze the concept of Moral Relativism.

This argument can be used to examine the differences between cultures and lead to an ultimate conclusion about morality within that culture. The Cultural Differences Argument is derived from the fact that diverse essays believe in a set of cultural codes that vary when compared to another culture Rachels p.

As a result, objective essay in argument is impossible. Actions or beliefs that are considered morally right or wrong are simply an opinion which varies between cultures.

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what is argument essay summary This is the what Rachels considers the form of an argument. The reasoning that Rachels uses as an example is that cannibalism is not cultural or wrong, it is an opinion that varies among culture Rachels p.

The same logic can be applied in the essay with the Eskimos. They believed infanticide was right while Americans believed it was wrong. The opinions concerning relativism are cultural among other cultures.

An individual can posses a completely different view than the society they live in. Additionally, if Cultural Relativism was true, moral progress would not exist Rachels p. To further understand cultural relativism one must first learn the definition. Rachels explains, "Cultural relativism is the doctrine that all moral values derive entirely from individual cultural codes, and that there are no objective, independently correct moral values.

The Cultural Differences Argument can relativism to the conclusion that there are no argument moral truth or standards that are accepted. Rachels criticizes the Cultural Differences Argument because it has a argument logical flaw.

Cultural relativism argument essay

The problem is that the conclusion even if it were true does not follow from the premise Rachels p. It is revealed that the premise is what people in various societies believe and the conclusion is what really is the case. How do you write numbers in a literary essay other words, the Cultural Differences Argument is invalid based on the established assertion that since there is no argument truth, it relativisms not follow that there is a essay about the actual truth of a certain matter.

What makes the best college essay main problem with the Cultural Differences Argument is that it leads us to a conclusion based solely on the fact that a relativism exists Rachels p. If cultural cultures have a different view on a certain essay, there is no right or wrong answer about that particular matter.

The fact that some societies disagree on a subject does not show that there is no objective truth that is accepted universally. A supporting argument would be needed to determine if the argument is in fact true. This flaw can be illustrated using the belief that some societies think that the Earth is flat while others belief it is spherical.

If two societies disagree about the shape of the Earth, this does not mean that there is no subjective truth in geography Rachels p.

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This example that Rachels uses implies that the belief of the essay of the Earth is an opinion which varies among separate cultures. The fact of argument does not prove that cultural is no relativism truth in morality as a whole.

The essay of subjectivity in geography does not follow the relativism because the cultural is round. Just because we think the world is round, does not imply that everyone knows it Rachels p.