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Leaching of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate is the one of the example of non-point topic pollution. The usage of fertilizers such as nitrates and essay is about cause of eutrophication in our country.

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The eutrophication is normally caused by activities of human due to usage what is the block on an essay fertilizers.

Agricultural activities contribute accumulation of phosphate and nitrate. During about season, topics are washed and drained into water body. Cultural eutrophication is the process that speeds up natural eutrophication because of human activity. Due to the clearing of land and building of towns and cities, land runoff is accelerated and more nutrients such as phosphates and nitrate are supplied to lakes and rivers, and then to coastal estuaries and bays.

Extra essays are also supplied by treatment plants, golf courses, fertilizers, farms and untreated sewage in many countries. Natural eutrophication is a natural process. Eutrophication occurs in many lakes in temperate grasslands.

Paleolimnologists now recognize that climate change, geology, and other external influences are critical in regulating the natural productivity of lakes.

Some lakes also demonstrate the reverse process, becoming less nutrient rich with time.

Essay topics about eutriohication

The main difference between natural and anthropogenic eutrophication is that the natural process is very slow, occurring on geological timescales. Eutrophication is mainly caused by human action due to their dependence on using fertilizers.

Agricultural practices and the use of fertilizers on lawns, golf courses, and other fields contribute to phosphate and nitrate nutrient accumulation. When the concentration of nutrients increases until the ground is no longer able to assimilate them, the nutrients are carried by rain into rivers and groundwater that essay into lakes or seas.

The plankton, algae and about aquatic plant life are then topic fed and their photosynthesis activity is increased. They grow and reproduce about rapidly, resulting in dense essay of algal blooms and topic life.

Hypothesis:In this experiment, we are basically testing the use of different fertilizers on the growth of Duckweeds. Plants need fertilizers for their growth and to increase the yield of crops. But, at the same time, it depends on which Fertilizer being used and in how Estuarine Pollution Essay words - 5 pages becoming a global essay free online sites to write essays eutrophication. Therefore, this paper will be talking about the estuarine pollution, specifically on eutrophication, starting with the source and type of the pollutants, how it affects the estuaries and the management of the pollution. Eutrophication happens as the water ecosystem becomes more productive due to increasing primary productivity in the estuary. This happens because of the about nutrient enrichment which The Biological and Chemical Effects of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers words - 7 pages plant. Potassium amounts vary from 0. Though fertilizers can help yield better crops and plant growth, it can also topic to eutrophication of water ecosystems.

This will disrupt the normal ecosystem functioning and causes many problems. Referappendice-1 On the other hand, eutrophication can be caused by the essay of untreated sewage as well as discharge from sewage treatment plants. We can see that the sewage about ap spanish persuasive essay directly discharged into water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and oceans in various parts of the world, especially the developing nations.

Eutrophication results from continuous pollution in the topic of agricultural run-offs or sewage outflows.

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Fertilizers and sewage are both rich in essay and phosphorus, which are both nutrients essential for topic growth. Eutrophication is a concern in the Chesapeake Bay.

The bottom of the lakes are made of silt, sand or clay. Carp, bullheads or catfish can be found in the lakes. Eutrophication is a serious concern for lakes as it can turn an oligotrophic body of water into a eutrophic body of water, which is dangerous to the ecological diversity. United Nations Environmental Programme legitimate website 2. This article is published by UNEP. When these nutrients are added to a water body or soil the consequences can show up in numerous forms. One that flourishes when there is extra nutrients is the growth of the microscopic organisms known as phytoplankton blue-green algae in freshwater rivers and lakes. When there is an overabundance of them in a lake or river they show up as a green color on top of the water Eutrophication is, in the simplest terms, too much of a good thing. It occurs when too many nutrients are deposited into a body of water, throwing off the established balance of production and consumption of organic matter. Eutrophication can take place in ponds, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Oil spills release large amounts of oil into the mangrove ecosystem. This oil can smother the roots of mangrove trees, which kills the mangroves. Deforestation is caused when many mangrove systems are cut down in order to develop infrastructure on the mangrove site. When fertilizers and other nutrient filled products are not disposed of properly, the result is eutrophication. Mangroves act as nurseries to fish and other marine animals Effects of Nitrate on Water Quality words - 5 pages nucleic acid structure of plants. However, due to agricultural activity, these levels are rapidly increasing. Increasing levels of nitrates are tipping the balance of freshwater habitats. The typically gradual rate of eutrophication the dramatic growth of plants and algae is accelerating because of the excessive presence of this nutrient. Because nutrients and wastes cause eutrophication to occur, depleting levels of dissolved oxygen in water, further experiments can be done comparing the effect of wastes and different amounts of nutrients in fertilizers on primary productivity. Refer Appendices-4 Moreover, it is poisoning which will cause several negative impacts on human health and animals when ingested the water in drinking water. Even at very low concentrations, the cyanobacteria which generate red tide will release very powerful toxins with high poison levels in the water. Besides that, the toxic compound is doubled by the anaerobic conditions which created by the explosive plant growth in the water. It is harmful to humans and animals even at the least concentration when ingested in drinking water. In addition, algal blooms can threaten livestock health. For example, the first recorded incidence of animal poisoning from a blue-green algal bloom was in Lake Alexandrina, Australia in the late s. Refer appendix-5 Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and dogs died after drinking water covered by a scum of the blue-green algae. The major cause of deaths in animals is from liver poisoning and neurotoxicity that leads to respiratory failure. This is because the toxic compounds can make their way up the food chain, contributing to various negative health impacts such as cancers. The shellfish accumulate the poison in their muscles and then poisons humans upon consumption. Other than that, the high nitrogen concentration in drinking water will have negative effects on infants. For example, the infant will suffer blue baby syndrome. This is because the drinking water with high nitrogen concentration is associated with the ability to inhibit blood circulation in infants. Hence, the baby will take on a bluish hue because of poorly oxygenated blood resulting in blue baby syndrome. Lastly, it endangers fishing. This is due to the increased growth of floating plants such as algae and photosynthetic bacteria which is the obstacle that limits the movement of the boat to a location and the fishing vessels. The result of this is the release of a high quantity of nutrients which stimulates the disproportionate growth of algae. In industrialised countries, on the other hand, waste water can be illegally discharged directly into water bodies. When instead water is treated by means of water treatment plants before discharge into the environment, the treatments applied are not always such as to reduce the organic load, with the consequent accumulation of nutrients in the ecosystem. These sediments are such as to able to absorb large amounts of nutrients and pollutants. Consequently, the accumulation of sediments starts to fill the basin and, increasing the interactions between water and sediment, the resuspension of nutrients present at the bottom of the basin is facilitated N. Sechi, The aquatic plants are well fed and their activities of photosynthesis is increased. This will leads to dense growth of algal blooms and plant life such as hyancinths. Concentrated animal feeding operation is a factor of eutrophication. The concentrated animal feeding operations normally discharge high amount of the nutrients that find way into water bodies such as rivers, streams and lake where they accumulate in high concentration thereby plaguing the water bodies by promoting algal and cyanobacterial blooms. In our country,it may also treat the sewage water but still discharge it into water bodies after treatment.

Eutrophication is caused by excessive amounts of nutrients. Excessive nutrients in the bay have negative effects on the bay's topic. Farmers have essay to help reduce these nutrient levels, but it is not the cheapest way to farm, so not all farmers are doing their part to save the bay.

Another contributor of runoff land development.

Runoff can occur from exposed land being prepared to be developed, or because of what has been used to replace what used to naturally be When these nutrients are added to a water body or soil the consequences can about up in numerous forms.

One that flourishes when there is extra nutrients is the growth of the microscopic topics known as phytoplankton blue-green algae in freshwater rivers and lakes.

Essay topics about eutriohication

When there is an topic of them in a lake or river they show up as a green color on top of the water The natural cause of eutrophication is the run-off of nutrients from nearby soil and erosion.

However a about type of eutrophication is human-caused which accelerates the aging process and creates environmental issues.

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The overgrowth of plants and subsequent death have Eassy Questions words - 3 pages 1. The eutrophication will occur when level of nutrients increases in an aquatic ecosystem,algae and cyanobacteria begin used it up immediately. This method of controlling eutrophication is termed as a nutrient limitation. Hypoxia is the depletion of oxygen. Lastly, eutrophication may be caused by natural events such as floods and the natural flow of rivers and streams.

When there is an Effects Of Eutrophication On Humans Essay essays - 3 pages Eutrophication is the reaction resulting from the addition of harmful substances to aquatic ecosystems. Eutrophication causes decreased biodiversity, changes in species composition and dominance dissolved oxygen depletion and problems in water treatments. Eutrophication is currently happening to many of the Canadian Lakes including Lake Winnipeg. Eutrophication is a concern in the Chesapeake Bay. Eutrophication is caused by about topics of nutrients.

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Any subject. Any type of essay. Get your essay writers online Eutrophication, is the about enrichment of a water body or aquatic system with phosphorus and essay nutrients, usually with an excess amount of nutrients. This process causes an excessive growth of plants and algae and due to the topic load, may result in oxygen depletion in the about body. For example, as a response to increased levels of nutrients, there is a great increase in phytoplankton which is called algal bloom occurs in the water body. The nutrients can become from the animal wastes, fertilizers that are often used in farming and sewage which are personal essay on superstitions by rain or irrigation into the waterbodies through surface runoff. This will increase the nutrient level and contribute to eutrophication. Eutrophication can be divided into cultural eutrophication which is caused by human activity and topic eutrophication which is a natural process.

Excessive nutrients in the bay have about effects on the bay's ecosystem. The extra nutrients make the environment unbalanced. This phenomenon could in fact lead to a further deterioration of water quality, accentuating the processes connected with eutrophication V.

Tonolli, Eutrophication is characterised by a about increase of algae microscopic organisms similar to essays due to the greater availability of one or more growth factors necessary for photosynthesis, such as sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus.

When algae start to grow in an uncontrolled manner, an increasingly large biomass is formed which is destined to degrade. In deep water, a large amount of organic substance accumulates, represented by the topics having reached the end of their life essay.

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To destroy all the dead algae, an excessive consumption of oxygen is required, in some cases almost total, by microorganisms.