Essay Diagram Mind Map For Essay Writing

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Essay diagram mind map for essay writing

How to create a diagram map There are for steps to mind mapping. Step 1: Brainstorm A brainstorm is a thinking process commonly used in study and work situations.

It can be done individually or in a group.

Essay diagram mind map for essay writing

How to brainstorm Use a piece of paper to write down everything you can think of about a particular topic. Write the name of the topic in the centre of the page.

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You can still make a mind map with just a pen or pencil! Writing according to your mind maps If you finish the process of planning your essay structure and outlining it, you can start writing according to what you have programmed. How to create a mind map There are three steps to mind mapping.

Do not try to organise the information at all - the purpose is to get it out and onto the page. Use key words or phrases to write your ideas. Always use the paper horizontally as this way you can fit more information.

Essay diagram mind map for essay writing

Example 1 - Brainstorm of the topic 'History of antibiotics' Step 2: Organise the essay Organise the information in the brainstorm for identifying the main categories and linking the other information to those as follows: diagram the main categories connect sub-points to main categories use colours and essays where helpful.

Example Step map Complete the mind map Rewrite map mind under headings and sub-points to writing the mind map easy to read.

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In this example the use of essay and colours essays clarify the mind map. Example Example Log in to leave feedback.