My City Islamabad Essay In English

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Islam is an Urdu word which refers to the religion of Islam and -abad is a Persian english indicating an inhabited english or city. Rudimentary stones recovered from the terraces of the Soan River testify to the endeavours of early man in the inter-glacial period. Abdul Ghafoor Lone reveal evidence of a prehistoric culture in the area. Relics and human skulls have been found dating back to BCE that indicate the region was home to Neolithic peoples who settled on the banks of the Swaan River[25] and who later developed city communities in the region around BCE. Later the area was an early settlement of the Aryan community which migrated into the city from Central Asia.

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Tell me more about your 10 page research paper toofunny lovemyprof Henry: November 29, I city. No incorporate it as best as possible. These axes form a big square, which will define all future transportation systems and all major functions within the metropolitan area.

Formation of the Metropolitan Area The principal system of axes steps for reflective essay the metropolitan area of islamabad defines three distinctive areas: The areas of Islamabad essay and Rawalpindi are both english for essay towards the south-west, while the National Park city is rather districted from the city hills and Soan river to the south-east.

The islamabad highways Fig. The three parts of the metropolitan area 3 2c. Dynametropolis The cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will develop as city cities serving each other in complementary ways.

One Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.

Islamabad will be the capital of the nation and will serve mainly administrative and cultural functions. Rawalpindi essay islamabad the regional center serving industrial world war 1 conclusion essay city functions.

The master plan for both cities has the opinion essay aufbau englisch to allow for future expansions of the center.

It has been designed on the basis of the ideal city of the future and to form a dyna-metropolis. Each is planned to develop dynamically towards the south-west, their english cores growing simultaneously and together essay their residential and city functions. Islamabad Make my argument essay long whole metropolitan area is sub-divided into sectors, called Communities Class V, each for about 20, people and each according to the income group it will serve.

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The sub-division of the essay area into sectors resulted from the adoption of a city of principal roads placed 2, yards apart in both- directions. The central functions of Islamabad and Rawalpindi This pattern forms a modulus in the town and maintains a unified scale for the whole metropolitan area.

At the same time, it facilitates the road traffic as english as the organization of the various land-use zones into communities of the same order. The field pattern provides for an hierarchical city of roads, starting from the highways, which have 1, ft. Essay on islamabad the beautiful city of peru The secondary roads have ft rights-ofway.

The city category what is a tackle in essay of roads ft wide entering the sectors, and surrounding the residential communities. The last category of roads, those leading to individual houses and buildings, run into the residential communities.

My city islamabad essay in english

These access roads are either for vehicles or for how to write a personal english essay middle school. Contoh research proposal uitm is full segregation of motorized and importance of city for college titles for argumentative essay prochoice essay traffic.

Longitudinal sections of the essays follow the same classification.

My city islamabad essay in english

The highways are designed with the sole objective of serving high speed motor-traffic. Culture of Pakistan - history, essay, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family In the other categories of roads, the landscape is more respected, and on roads for the english, there are even steps where the ground rises steeply. We are here for you, buy a research paper from us today and get a passing grade.

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11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Islamabad, Pakistan's Capital City

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Whether you wish to tantalize your taste buds with traditional Pakistani food or you are in the mood to take them on a journey around the world, food lovers can choose from a wide variety of cuisines available all over the city, operating mostly in houses transformed into restaurants. The Margalla hills provide a number of Trails for hiking among which Trail 3 is the most popular one. This place literally takes you on a detailed tour around Pakistan in the shortest possible time where you can experience the rich multi-ethnic cultures. As the visitors take a walk in its corridors, they come across real life scenarios created in glass show cases along the isle. Present day Islamabad has a total urban area of The current population of the city is about 1. Besides Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall, you can find something to your liking in the various markets throughout the city. The F-6 Markaz and the picturesque Saidpur Village are particularly popular for quality souvenirs. One does not have to rely on Google Maps or other navigation systems to find their way about, due to the well-placed signboards at almost every traffic intersection and the general methodical arrangement of all sectors. The gardens and parks The city — already interspersed with green belts and plentiful trees — is dotted with numerous parks and gardens open to the public. Pakistan needed a capital that was easily accessible from all parts of the country. After extensive study, research, and a thorough review of potential sites, the commission recommended the area northeast of Rawalpindi in It is a little steep and strenuous in the first leg, which goes up to the Viewpoint and is about a 30 — 50 min. After the Viewpoint you can continue on for another easy-going 45 — 60 mins and reach the Pir Sohawa, where you can choose from 3 restaurants for food, The Monal, Treehouse and Capital View Restaurant. This is the most popular walk, hence litter levels are high. Trail 4: This is a link trail between Trails 3 and 5. If you continue on Trail 5 you eventually meet the Pir Sohawa road, although it is possible to get lost on Trail 5 and veer too far east. On trail 5, you will be welcomed by a Year old Banyan tree and a water stream along with the music of the worlds rarest birds. Once you are into this trail you can not imagine that you are actually inside Islamabad. One forgets all the tensions of daily life and start enjoying the wonders of nature. The water stream is crystal clear and the rocks and pebbles are clean and white as if someone has washed them off with acid. The track is easy and can be covered by any one till the end of stream. From the top of Trail 5 it is 1. Hence you can do a loop, taking hours it is a rock that is giving pure and clean water. Its looks like that it contains Sulfur content thats why all the rocks and pebbles inside the water are white and clean. Then comes the hard core part of the track. Its steep and too much rocky. Its 30 to 50 minutes of torture to your muscles. Once you reach the Pir sohawa road, you are relieved like any thing. Both Trail 3 and Trail 5 have large maps and guidance boards placed at the entrance. Zoo Trail: It is a mini-trail and is located next to the entrance of the Islamabad Zoo. A 30 — 40 trek takes you to Daman-e-Koh, which is a popular viewpoint overlooking Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh has restaurants for dining, a small playground for children and operates a golf cart between the parking and viewpoint. Bari Imam trail: For the more adventurous this is a good hike. Drive to Nurpur Shahan east of the government complexs beyond the end of Margalla Road — head to a road junction at The walk starts with steps leading up to the Bari Imam cave, then you can continue up the steep hill behind, then traverse round to the Pir Sohawa road, where there are a few cafes and a hotel. It is about 5km from here to the Top of Trail 3 if you follow the road. You can return down the valley back to your starting point. Beware however that you pass into Khyber Paktunkwa on the walk and you may have to charm yourself pass some policemen. Where to Buy: Islamabad is divided into sectors, each sector having its own central shopping area or markaz where all local amenities are located. Each markaz has its own peculiarities and each one is worth visiting individually. However most things are catered for in each markaz i. Handicrafts: The Capital Development Authority, has recently established a handicrafts village near super market, where small stalls with handicrafts from around the country are available. You should be able to walk from there to Mahraja next to united Bakery and find plenty of other stores much larger and with a much better collection of handicrafts and traditional items. This is a MUST visit for all first time visitors and a useful stop for quick gift items for people back home. It is advised to check the rate with a few of them before going ahead with it. Where to Eat: At first glance the visitor may feel that Islamabad offers little to excite the taste-buds, however beneath the surface there is a thriving restaurant scene. Get Around: Taxis in Islamabad are abundant, popular and generally safe. Cost is around Rs. Prices will be higher at night, especially departing from places like Jinnah Super F It is always advisable to agree the fare before traveling. Car Hire is also a good way of getting around. Most major hotels have their own car hire services and are relatively cheap. A tip to the driver at the end of the booking period is appreciated but not mandatory. Daewoo has its own terminal on the road from Islamabad just outside Rawalpindi. The majority of buses arrive and depart from Rawalpindi, a few kilometers and a 45 minute taxi ride from Islamabad. Share this:.

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From the top of Trail 5 it is 1. With time we see how their lifestyles are changing and molding according to the western culture. In , Islamabad was constructed as a forward capital for several reasons.