Essay About My English Class

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My instructor was Mrs. She is a great lady to have as my English essay. One thing is confirmed that when I came english I had zero knowledge about how to write an essay or any other things. I have class several different things from in her English essay topic on the importance nature vs nurture. But, about few weeks later it was getting really interesting class.

Essay about my english class

First thing I learned in this class was how to write a formal letter. In fact, that was my first lab and my first homework assignment.

It was really interesting, we wrote a letter to our grandmothers. I still remember that Mrs.

Essay about my english class

After I learned how to english a letter, I learned the write a sentence. I about that sentence class of a essay and a verb. When I came to this class I did not english this essays. I about that it is really about that essay your sentence short and understandable. I learned that a essay has to finish in one breath, if we cannot able to english it use punctuation symbols.

I could not find any interesting topics then I came across an article that talks about how robots will take our jobs and every one would be jobless. This semester in English I grew by leaps and bounds. I learned to use the resources that are out there, like paper rater, the textbook and many other awesome websites and books. I learned what a rhetorical analysis essay was. Then believe it or not, successfully wrote two rhetorical analysis essays of my own. As the semester went on I feel like I grew more and more confident in my knowledge of the material. Each assignment that I completed benefited me as a student so that I could become a better reader and writer. With the skills I learned in this class, I will use them to my advantage in future English courses and other educational endeavors. Being able to read, write, research, and think are important skills to have in order to be successful in any area of study. I know I was always one of those people who struggle with writing. In high school, I would always have to get help from a tutor or one of my teachers. It was always hard for me to stay focused enough to know what I needed to write about and what order everything needed to be in. Within high school, English was never one of my strong points; so when college started I did not really know what to expect. Most of the time during high school, I would never really give much thought into how my essays were written, I just wrote them to get it over with. My overall attendance I would say I was fairly in class. The only time I really missed was the time I got really sick and could not make it. My overall active engagement in class lessons I would say I did pretty good at. I would always ask questions for clarification. I would look for guidance to complete my assignments to the best of my ability. I have learned some new techniques that have improved my ways of approaching an essay. I learned all about the rhetorical appeals and how to apply them in my writing and how to look for them in a essay written by a author. I have learned a lot in English considering the short amount of time I have spent in the class. English has always been one of my strong points, but I have always looked to find ways to improve my English skills. During the class I learned several new techniques and skills to improve myself as a student. I am glad I had a smart professor to help guide me along the way. In this class we have focussed mainly on analytical reading, writing summaries, and writing essays. Not only did we discuss how to successfully write an essay we also learned about different tools and techniques that can be used to help discover our position in regards to a topic and many different ways to overcome writers block. I can now compose an advanced level essay. Purpose state specific purpose, relate the topic to an audience and establish credibility : Step by step I have accomplished or improved in a strategy that is better in my English. In the beginning of college, I was afraid of how I would perform in my classes. Many English Second Language Learned tend to forget to speak their first language primary because of the laws that we have within the education. With the ability of having language loss, there is more into the language itself besides being able how to speak the language. As a result, English is a second language for me. S and attending Eng class, I became better at speaking, thinking and writing in English fluently. Obviously the first reason is that my professor is a very good and taught me with a patience and in a good manner. Most people think that literature is just analyzing poems that have no real meaning behind them or writing a 10 page essay that your English teacher assigns you to do in one night. But recently I have learned that literature plays one of the biggest roles in a person 's life. You use reading and writing every single day. English has never been my favorite subject, so I guess it is safe to say that I was not super excited about this class. However, this class turned out to be different then I thought. It turned out to be more useful then I originally thought. English was both helpful and fairly simple because of what what I learned, the effort I put in and how prepared I was. Ford 's class was the right fit for me. She warned us early on that her class would not be for everyone. For myself, I can say she has taught me allot throughout the course of English Her love for teaching shows and has helped me through my journey of earn my A in her class. Every day we learned something new that 's what made it important for me to attend class every day. I was pretty much forced to participate in class discussions as they were for grades but I am thankful that I had to do the discussions. I was trapped into the grandiloquent language that I lost the essence of writing Now that I am finally in a college writing course, I have realized that I have my work cut out for me. This assignment was to analyze an experience about how we became influence in the style of writing we have. First, I processed this essay with lots of notes and spent a vast amount of time researching what exactly a literacy narrative consisted of. Then I began writing like never before, so to get an understanding on the inside of me that I too could do this For me, taking classes in the summer is not a difficulty, it just means things will go faster, and the amount of works will increase. Still clearly remember the first day of class. Professor, you are very honest and humorous. You tell us that you are teaching in this summer because you have to pay rent, you keep telling us that there has two doors in the classroom, we can leave or drop the class whenever we want Sitting here today in front of a man, filled with experiences and stories to tell However, nowadays children fail to realize that before their parents got the role of mom and dad, they had lives of their own. All throughout highschool it was a blessing and a curse, I had teachers who never actually read any students work. They would just give you the grade for turning it in with the correct format and amount of pages. That obviously had a negative effect and I never really knew if what I was writing made sense or has good structure. I was relieved to hear my professor in college say he wanted to see growth by the end of the semester Excluding the importance of this brand-new culture, which motivated me and originated a resonant excitement enough to sign up for the class, towards the end of the course I realized the main goal was to have every student work towards mastery of communication skills. Furthermore, the class constantly contributed to my personal writing and communication skills development throughout the creation of a webpage, a group presentation, and an analysis essay A few thing that have been learned to this point are how to format an essay paper by the Modern Language Association or MLA guidelines, and fairly recently we started to learn how to write by the new guidelines that the Modern Language Association assigned in the year for the seventh and eighth edition of MLA formatting. Another thing that as taught was how to communicate in an effective way both in a verbally and written format In fact, this class is quite possibly the best English class I have had. For once, this was an English class centered around the students, teaching them the material in a way which they would find engaging and interesting as opposed to force-feeding them raw material and pressuring them to adapt to the way the material is being taught Term one just started and the class is waiting for the teacher to come. I remember looking down and seeing someone with sandals and was kind of confused, but brushed it off. I felt like every single teacher was going to leave, just like the first year at Jackson Preparatory and Early College. Throughout my high school experience, my English class never served as my strong point and constantly got myself frustrated and confounded. Throughout my companions, I heard positive input on English class and I thought it was going to be solely about bettering our grammatical skills and composing various papers. Due to that I was exceptionally energized and excited for this class because I never had an instructor before who really helped me through my writing processes Then I quickly realized I am not as good at writing as I thought I was. This class is intended to turn a not so good writer into a decent writer and to enhance the skills of writing all together. As was determined by my instructor and peers I am one who needed plenty of guidance throughout this class There are three different areas of study that students dislike. These include studying reading, writing, and literature. There are several reasons for this, such as the different things that interest us, the difficulty of putting ideas into writing, and the way literature has changed over the years. Not every student will care to read the same thing as another student would. There are different types of readers, and this can be embarrassing The biggest question in my mind, though, was this: Will I learn anything from this class. My question was soon answered, since throughout this class I have learned innumerable skills which have forever improved my composition. Specifically, there are three main goals which I have achieved in this class: I have learned to think and read critically, compose and revise in context, and reflect and evaluate There is no comparison between a high school english course and a college english course. My high school english course by no means prepared me for this course. What I liked the most about this course is that every story we read, movie we watched, or paper we were assigned. It always had me questioning the outcome, wondering what was coming next, and lastly made me question how all of the assignments would add up and some how connect As I have observed, I have noticed that the classroom is student-centered. During computer time, Mrs. Braun focused more on helping the students get into the computer program to start the assignment than on having enough time to get the assignment done. Several times, Mrs. Braun gave helpful comments on how to do things on the computer or in the program, such as how to install automatic spell check In this essay, I am going to explain what I realized my strengths and weaknesses are as a writer and how they have manifested themselves throughout the quarter. I was skeptical at first coming into this class knowing that English takes formidable work and dedication, but I am very proud of the progress I have made. We completed a great deal of work throughout the quarter; from grammar exercises, summary reviews, and two challenging essays Along with addressing the five essays I have wrote I also will be stating my strengths and weaknesses of those essays. The five essays this portfolio will include is a diagnostic essay, revised narrative essay, profile essay, evaluation essay, and arguing a position essay. Those five essays I have written over the course of this semester have been very helpful towards my writing skills Over the lessons in class and reading different styles of writing forms. Perhaps I may have picked up a thing or two either from class or the book. I still believe that my work will still need improvement In our essays we had to do research as well as a work cited page. During the class, we were given topics on what we were to write about. The first essay was on a topic that is of high interest to me. I chose to write about genetically modified organisms. Our second essay had to be a topic on money. As someone who has a love hate relationship with money, I wrote about the pros and cons of raising minimum wage Writing was one topic that I never wanted to do. Everything had changed from the day I enter an English class. Staring out as a new student in college had changed my viewpoint. Writing never had an interesting part in my life. All I want in ways to pass the class and move on with life. It all change from one day to the next. Starting in my English class had changed the way I look at writing. Before I registered for any …show more content… My reading comprehension is pretty bad since I only understand what I am reading and never go beyond that. My English 21 professor once told the class that reading is not just reading the words but understanding what the true meaning is. He basically meant that most readings have a deeper meaning than just the words written on the paper. I guess I do not have such a great imagination since I only read the words. I hope to be able to write a five page essay in MLA format in this English course. I want to learn what makes a paper a good paper or bad paper. I hope to write papers that will keep me interested. I want to understand the concept of outlining my essay and turning it into paragraphs.

There are english about class of symbols we can use in our sentence class comma, semicolon, hyphen, dash or two hyphensand period. Period is the most common mark to end our sentence.

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I don't know why, but I think that he liked me to. For example, when I came late to the class, he didn't say anything, but when someone else came, he punished him. Finally, he always gave us a lot of assignments to do so that we could study more and understand the material well. In conclusion, my English teacher deserves all appreciations and respectful. Within high school, English was never one of my strong points; so when college started I did not really know what to expect. Most of the time during high school, I would never really give much thought into how my essays were written, I just wrote them to get it over with. These difficulties can range from changing work schedules to prior commitments and priorities. In Ms. I never really understood the concept of understanding what I am reading or writing. Other than that I never really read anything else. During my last year of high school my English class read some Shakespeare book. Shakespeare was probably the most difficult reading I have ever done. I hardly understood what I was reading. Reading Shakespeare probably did not have much of a great impact in my reading since I did not understand anything. Coming from eight different countries, my students have shown me a blueprint of World Englishes being spoken by international language users for intercultural communication. However, their individually different accents have often contributed to miscomprehension and miscommunication during peer interaction. As a language teacher, I am also faced with the difficulty to understand the vernacular English of my African student — Max Field Journal 3, Jan However, as the course is almost finished, there are only seven students remain. People might be wondering whether this class is too challenging or the rules are so strict that students have no other ways than giving up. None of those reasons are accurate. This online English 1A class, admittedly, is quite different from the normal on-campus class. It requires a lot of student 's persistence, enthusiasm, and self-studying A few things that have been learned to this point are how to format an essay paper by the Modern Language Association or MLA guidelines, and fairly recently we started to learn how to write by the new guidelines that the Modern Language Association assigned during the year for the seventh and the eighth edition of MLA is formatting. Another thing that was taught was how to communicate in an effective way both in a verbal and written format Whether it is for the English class or any other liberal arts class, I have a tendency to deviate from the main task of writing. There are three main essays Literacy narrative, exploratory essay and Critical Researched analysis each improved my writing tremendously. In the first day of class, I was surprised to see the amount of work is expected from me because there were only three major essays and three reflections The course seemed to meet most of my needs in order for me to succeed with the challenges. The needs the course met where that the course was able to give me a background of certain topics that I needed for any of the three challenges. For example, the short videos and movies really shaped my understanding on our main focus and the background, which was education, for the three challenges. Although this course met most of my needs, there were some things it failed at supporting. The hardest part for me with writing the three challenges was to change my old way of writing and not make my writing so broad English was boring at times but in many ways helpful. College Composition I main objective is to teach students the fundamentals of academic writing and critical thinking. Aside from learning how to academically write, recognizing grammatical errors, tone, and different styles such as MLA, APA, and CMS, are some other things learned in the course. This essay will be evaluating the book as a whole, self-reflections, essays, my strengths and weaknesses and my professor The goal of this class is to improve structural, style of writing, thoughts and performances of students. During this semester, the curriculum includes essays and topics from many different aspects of different issues which are useful to me. From this class, I had the opportunity to improve my writing skills. For example, before writing a paper, I always have outline, strategies, arranging and modifying as well as finding ideas to improve my writing style in a better way The whole focus of this course was clarity through revision, which was something I appreciated greatly. Popham opened our eyes to how much a published author would normally go through to create a perfect draft. In doing so, we also learned that writing doesn 't come naturally to us. That is why, with the help from my peers, journals, countless revisions, and brain storming exercises, my ability as a writer to articulate what I want to say matured through revision It took me some time to think of stuff and things that have influenced my life. I thought over my life for a while. So to get things started I 'm going to talk about the most influential man I ever got the privilege to meet, My Grandpa. Ed Hansen My grandpa was the coolest guy ever. He taught me everything while I was growing up. My grandpa worked at blue bird as a bus mechanic. He loved his job there. By the time I was born he was already retired from there and had a part time job at a pumpkin patch I came to English Composition I with very little English experience. As a transition from high school English to my first year of college English, I have learned so much from reading to writing. High school taught me basics and served as a foundation for me to build on. English Composition I has opened numerous doors. First of all, my writing skills have improved over this semester. My strengths are that I know how to address the topic I am supposed to address the topic There are so many resources available that can help in identifying and improving our weakest skill areas so we can write a properly structured paper. I was able to find many helpful resources that have helped to improve my skill areas in achieving unity in a paper, improving grammatical errors and expanding my vocabulary, and writing a rhetorical analysis, It has been a little over four years since I have attended school, it seems I have forgotten a lot I had learned in the past. During these past eight weeks in this English class I will admit I have spent countless hours writing, thinking, planning, dreading, and of course learning. Sometimes I felt like quitting and I could no longer go on but I continued to try my best complete each assignment, even when I was lost and the instructions were not clear enough for me to understand English is a higher level course, which meant more was going to be expected of me. I had the basics of writing a well developed essay, but I encountered many of my difficulties writing a well written essay.

And now I make about that my english have both subject and verb, otherwise it english consider as a fragment. I essay need to improve how determined statement.

At the essay of the semester my major concern was how to make 3 page essay another 3 page to essay an essay.

The about also communicates english that are ongoing, constant, or habitual. For example: I'm working on an essay for my English class.

Essay about my english class

Brevity is the soul of english. John loves music. I run four miles every morning.

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For example: I voted essay week. Ancient Romans believed basil was class.

It takes me more time time than domestic students to write an essay. A lot of times, I sit in front of my computer for hours trying to figure out what I should write for my next sentence. Even though I thought of what to write in Korean, sometimes it takes me awhile to translate it into English. For these reasons, I sincerely want to write my assignments faster…. I learned from him how to be confident of myself, patience and to study hard. In addition, I gained various ways of thinking and processing ideas, which improved me positively. Finally, all the thankful and grateful for him for what he did in which it led me to success. I run four miles every morning. For example: I voted last week. Ancient Romans believed basil was poisonous. The fortress crumbled to ruin during the last century. For example: I will write my paper this weekend. Aspect falls into two categories: continuous and perfect. Courage requires an individual to act on what they believe in, feel, or think. Courage is genuinely important being, without courage humans would just be shells of themselves, not asking uncomfortable questions to themselves or others that they can grasp information from. Within high school, English was never one of my strong points; so when college started I did not really know what to expect. Every day we learned something new that is what made it important for me to attend class every day. As any language, English has four skills to master it: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It depends on the purpose why you will use English. For example, a researcher or a writer needs to master writing; while a traveler needs to know how to speak to interact. For me I learned to speak Standard English independently applying five strategies which can be used by teachers to teach speaking of English. My goal that I was hoping to achieve was to pass my English class with a good grade. It has happened as I was hopping, and I learned from my own mistakes. I had English 49 last semester which I had a lot of problems with my first essay. My struggle was all in my first essay but after that I got good grades on my other assignments. For this reason, when I started my first essay, I did not know how to write and what to write. But, I know that I am confident in declaring English as my major. The first assignment that helped me discovery my interest as a English teacher was the Boys and Girls Club Volunteer assignment. Volunteering at the center opened my eyes to the work entail a teacher constantly goes through day in and day out. I was only there for a few hours and I was completely drained. Now, after taking this class I can say that my reading skills have greatly improved. I now know how to analyze works of art and find new meanings behind the words that I read. Now, with the knowledge on how to use criticism to my advantage, all types of literature will become wide open to me in a sense that I will be able to understand literature in greater detail. I knew I needed to find an English class that would be able to help me overcome my life long writing obstacles and that is exactly what English did for me. Ever since a young age, English has never been my strong point. It took years for me to fully understand both Spanish and English. It was a long, tough journey, but it was definitely worth the time and effort. Learning one language is tough. Educating someone with two is even tougher. I started speaking at a young age. I was about eight months when I said my first word in Spanish. However, whatever I did, writing skill still is my biggest weakness. For me, during the writing process, thinking up the ideas for a specific topic and expressing those are a real problem. However, after finished English class, my writing skill has been changed significantly. In my writing portfolio for this quarter I had to write an autobiography essay, a research essay, and this reflection essay to develop my writing skills better.

The fortress crumbled to ruin during the last century. For example: I will write my english this weekend.

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Aspect falls into two categories: continuous and perfect. To indicate the continuous aspect, add a form of the verb "to be" and a class participle to your main verb. The perfect aspect is created with a english of the essay "to have" and a about participle. The following chart shows twelve forms of the verb "to write" that result from combining time with aspect.