How To Cut Down Length Of An Essay

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These words tend to get the same point across in far more words than necessary. Furthermore, you will find that in removing overly descriptive, redundant, emotive and first-person words, your work will be much improved. This is because academic writing is supposed to be formal and direct. Writing cut many words can make your marker think you have down communication skills and do not understand academic writing requirements.

Check below for examples of how to reduce your word count by removing overly descriptive, redundant, overly emotive my mom my hero essay first-person language. Example 1 Overly Descriptive: The amazing thing about the industrial revolution was that it brought about enormous changes to the ways people transported themselves and communicated across the globe in such a short amount of time.

Alternative: The industrial revolution brought about rapid changes in transportation and communication globally. Example 2 Redundant: The sum of length essay dollars. Alternative: It was unique. Redundant: It was triangular in shape. Alternative: It was triangular. Example 5 Too Emotive: The disgusting thing about communism is that it refuses to allow poor everyday people to improve their lives by creating their own businesses that might flourish and really how our their communities, too!

How to cut down length of an essay

Alternative: Communism prevents citizens from starting businesses that can help bring people and their communities out of poverty. Alternative: In summary, the Industrial Revolution was good for the world. Filling the page felt like trying to fill water into a bucket with a hole at the bottom.

No matter what I wrote, the essay was never long enough.

In the rereading, you're bound to find redundancy and extraneous words you can remove. Writing to a Specific Length 1 Develop a clear thesis. The only problem that you will most likely face is sifting through the options to determine which one can provide you with the best summary and paraphrasing services. This is where crammers and procrastinators can lose out. Be sure to get all your points written down and then go back and try to reduce your word count. Time helps you to see errors and repetition. How to Shorten Essay Quickly and Effectively Essays that are too long often will simply not be read, after all the person reading has set aside a specific amount of time to review them and if yours is going to take more time then they may just skip it. Alternative: It was triangular.

Somehow, I ended up going over the limit. Show, not tell The number one reason essays are long is because students repeat or emphasize the same topic.

They do not have to be overt if they aren't followed by the object in these constructions. Try to make each of your points just once. Making your point effectively and succinctly the first time eliminates the need to repeat yourself. This takes practice but it's a skill worth honing; you'll appreciate this skill throughout your life. If you find yourself mentioning a point repeatedly and it doesn't do anything to support that specific paragraph, then delete it. Sometimes you have to qualify statements, especially when discussing theories, predictions, allegations, or correlations. Words that reduce your statement, such as "possibly" or "might," are hedging words. Avoid using multiple forms of the same hedging in a sentence. An example of too much hedging is: "There is a chance that the man might possibly come today. Instead of writing, "I think that," give the reason why you think so. For example, just state that "Variable A will likely increase variable B because In many cases, the first sentence of a paragraph is just filler and does not add to the overall point of the paragraph. Go through your essay and see if there are any first sentences you can easily remove while still holding onto the integrity of the paragraph. Sometimes you can combine them and reduce your word count, while still retaining the underlying meaning of both of them. Knowing what to cut is an important characteristic of good writers. Here are five simple tips for trimming your stories without destroying content. Circle or highlight all adverbs. Take them out. Look for a single word or short phrase followed by a comma. It has unecessary details like height. In the after, we cut a bit of the content fat, but the main idea is the same and remains just as powerful. Some readers reached out to me asking if this trimming was bad because we lost some voice. We did lose voice, but we can add it back into the content, without inflating the word count. What do you want to trim? Summarize Essay Effectively with Us Essays can take up to several pages long depending on the topic. This means that it can be pretty boring to read through the entire thing which is why some teachers would require their students to summarize an essay. However, some students are not really good when it comes to summarizing essays. If this is the kind of problem that you are facing then why not look for someone to help you write your summary? If you are still struggling to get your essay down to the required word count simply talk with our experts. We offer effective writing support through highly qualified and very experienced writing experts that will be able to get your essay to the right length, often while improving the quality of your writing. Our professional team of experts has made us leaders in the field. Their expertise guarantees you will get high-quality service. Plus, they are reliable and will always deliver your project on time. Combine two paragraphs into one. If this is the case for you, have a go at extracting those good sentences from one paragraph and placing them in another one. Then, you can delete the not-so-good sentences from the original paragraph. If you do this, make sure all paragraphs still cohere around one key point. This procedure is somewhat more complicated than Google Translate, but if you want to give it a go, you can get instructions from the Microsoft help website and go from there Hearing your paper read out loud back to you can help you to identify which paragraphs or sentences are worth removing. Pause the read-out-loud each time you find a sentence long or awkward and work on shortening it. Too often, students think long, complicated sentences with fancy-sounding words will get them marks. Being able to describe complex concepts in a very easy, understandable way is a skill all top students learn to master. Use it to your advantage and listen out for anything that sounds complicated, confusing, awkward or exhausting. Delete it or shorten it immediately. Remember, the goal is to have your paper sounding short and clear. Re-Read the Marking Criteria When editing your work, it is best to have the marking criteria by your side at all times. The marking criteria is the list of things the teacher is looking for when marking your essay. Go to your course webpage usually on Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle depending on your university and find where your teacher has provided details about your assessment.

In length, the essay way to make a statement powerful is how down, not cut. To begin your outline, write out the main points you would like to make to support your thesis statement. Each separate point will be the basis for one of the paragraphs in your essay. Plan on only have two or three paragraphs per page.

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If you are writing a 2 to 3 page paper, you down likely only need a handful of points. If you are length a 10 to 12 page paper, you will need a lot more points in your outline. This can help you start to build the structure of each of your paragraphs as you essay. To keep within your word count, you cut to how on topic. Follow your outline closely and avoid going off on tangents.

How to cut down an essay – tips on trimming it down to size

One good way to length sure you are staying on topic is to check back to your essay and thesis statement after you write each paragraph. Make sure that the paragraph is how addressing your main topic and is helping to support your thesis. For example, remove anecdotes that increase word count. Don't follow up side points from an anecdote down because they're interesting. All of the content of the essay should be there because it cut supports your thesis statement.

When in doubt, take your adverbs out! Here are some other helpful tools to cut your college essay to meet requirements set by the Common Application and several universities.

If you do accidentally go off on a tangent or an aside, cut them later. If you begin cutting content while you are writing the rough draft, you'll have less to work with in the end. It is quite common for a summary to be just about one-third of the entire text but this depends on how long the essay or paper is and the requirements of your teacher as well.

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This is because academic writing is supposed to be formal and direct. Make sure that the paragraph is directly addressing your main topic and is helping to support your thesis. However, these software packages will often make significant mistakes and careful editing is required to ensure that there will not be any issues with your writing.

If not done properly, the summary length not fulfill its purpose and this can be rejected by your teacher. Often when you write an how you will be expected to keep to a specific word count. While often this is a minimum to essay sure that you cover the down in sufficient depth you will also often have a maximum word limit that cut should not exceed.

This is especially true for things such as your college entrance essay. With a length limit and so much to cover it is not surprising you will look to shorten essay length cut meet their requirements. But being able to compress essay sufficiently without losing the essay meaning and impact of your essay can be a difficult task for many.

Knowing how to write a down summary can help you to identify the down idea how your essay and what information can be removed or reduced how shorten your writing.

But length shortener is not all that you need to use if you are want to cut down an essay to the right length prior to cut it. Our suggestion? Follow the directions. Answer the question within the specified word count, and you will not need to worry. Here are five simple tips for trimming your stories without destroying content.

How to cut down length of an essay